Daily update for my Boys 31 Jan 2014



Hello Little Men!

Hope you both are doing fantastic on this lovely Friday afternoon….

You two must still be at school, hope you both are having a great day learning and playing with all your little friends….

So much for me sleeping in today , I was awake at 7 am , not sure why , I slept really well…… Ouma and I have been doing the rounds today , when I came back from the airport last night the e-toll thing in my car was beeping like mad, so I had to go check what that was all about this morning , in typical South African style I was told the account was depleted, when I asked why did I not get a text or email as promised to inform me when the balance is low , the customer care guy took great pleasure in telling me the post office is on strike today….I must admit I was puzzled by this as the post office has no control of the email and text notifications I was promised.. Turns out my email on the system is wrong and they have no idea why I did not get a text ….welcome to Africa , serves me right I guess for signing up for it in the first place , I should have done what the rest of the people are doing and just refuse to pay or join at all…

Been able to sort loads of other little things like my bank card etc, was a story and a half but I think I won that one as the account is not even two months old so how can the chip and pin be worn out already ? If I was still using the joint bank account that I had with your care giver that had pages and pages of transactions then I would have believed that , but I have used the account 12 times since Nov.

No big plans here for the weekend , have to try and see the Jenkings 5 , lots of research to do and then Monday the container is being delivered, looking forward to having my stuff again if I am honest, all for traveling light but I think we all need a home or in my case a base, home I assume we 3 will have to sort later…..

I hope you both have plenty of fun plans for the weekend, I hope the weather is good so maybe you can have some fun time outside playing or walking B&B…..

So little champs I wish you both a safe , fun , happy weekend…..

Can’t wait to see you both tonight under our big old green tree in dream land, have huge bear cuddles waiting for you both….

Night night , little O’s , fun weekend dreams ….

Love and miss you both truck loads full as always ………. From Ouma’s sofa today so a little bit more relaxed then the past week……

Love you boys……

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 30 Jan 2014

Hello little men!

Hope you both are doing great….

Just on my last flight for this week ! Whoooohoooo! Not sure if this will post before I land, if not I am sure you will get it before bed….

I have had such a good week boys , mad busy but all good, things seem to be moving forward well, loads of choices , so this means big decisions the next 2 weeks…. Life changing …. For the better so all good….l

I don’t know what you both did at school today but I hope it was filled with lots of giggles , smiles and plenty of learning….. O and early to bed tonight please as you have school tomorrow again and knowing you both you need to be well rested to be the fun loving little rebels I know you both are….

I have still not heard from the contact centre nor your Solicitor boys, so I am starting to think I might not see you, guess this was part of your care giver and her spokespersons plan all along from 5 Dec, to leave things until the last minute as normal!

O , before I forget I had a comment from a member of your care giver and spokespersons fan club last night when I got back to the hotel, I must admit it is amusing that they keep trying to get people to tell me I am crazy for doing this blog, but as you will see by my response to the blog reader boys I have said from the start I have nothing to hide , I have not forced one person to read your blog , people read it out of choice , if they do not like what I am telling you both daily , why do they keep reading ? I find that all a bit strange but hey that’s people for you , never happy with anything…. Your blog had just over 4000 hits last night when I checked…..

I think tomorrow, once I get up , needs to be a me day … Have lots of little things to sort and know I am going to be busy this weekend with stats and comparisons so think it is best to tackle my To Do List , it’s not getting any shorter that I can promise you both…..

I also need to try and meet Mr Jenkings tomorrow late afternoon if all goes to plan, have not seen the Jenkings 5 for a couple of weeks so would be nice to catch up and hear what they all have been doing…..

Well boys as we are almost at the end of yet one more week that I have not been able to say hello or know if you are ok , just want to tell you both I miss you lots and lots each day , don’t think a minute in a day goes by without me wondering how you both are and what you are getting up to ….

I hope B&B are being good boys and not chewing up all your toys and things , and if they do, remember they are puppies and don’t know any better until you both teach them or ensure that they are sufficiently stimulated to be good little fury friends…. I know it is stupid or even crazy but makes me smile each time I think of you both with them as I know how much you both love animals and how excited you both got on the morning walks in Horsham on the trail when people passed with dogs…… And allowed you both to stroke them and say Hello !

Boys I am going to try and sleep for a bit , so I will see you both now ( if it is your nap time ) or a little later then under our big old green tree in dream land , can’t wait to give you both a dream cuddle ……

Night , night champs , happy dreams of better days……….

Love and miss you both again from 38000 feet , maybe more , lol , we seem to be climbing at this point ….

Love you both always ….

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 29 Jan 2014

Hello little Men ,

Hope you both are doing very , very fine today , lol ( will tell you both the joke one day )

Well here I am sitting on a flight again , must admit I have lost track of how many I have done the past 6 months ,maybe because a lot of them were not just work but other things also…….as you both know….

It’s been a really busy couple of days , 3 cities and 2 flight today only , I hope to be home this weekend , have one more stop to do today / tomorrow , can’t wait to see you both and tell you about all the exciting things going on…..

Not sure what time I will be at the hotel tonight , might get stuck picking up my rent car as I did last time , let’s hope not …

I hope you both are getting your stuff sorted for school tomorrow , no point in leaving it until the last minute pals , as I said last week the less stress you have in the morning the better your day goes in the end , always remember that….

The war office has been dead this week , no rubbish emails from your Solicitor or care giver , guess they have run out of lies to tell, lol , guess that will never happen….they must be trying to work out a new master plan for your hostage keeping….

We should get the Court date for the new applications to stop your spokesperson’s inappropriate contact with you both , that man is bad news as we say boys , no matter how much he tries to pretend and be two faced with people , scares me to know you both are being forced to spend so much time with him , guess he is not a happy camper with what was and is being said about him by his own family on twitter and social media in general , to be honest if I was him I would not show my face in public again , but then again his head is so far up his own backside you were not able to see his face in the first place …lol , I am sure the troll will pass this message on ….

Still no contact from the contact centre also as your Solicitor has said boys , I assume as before she will leave it all until the last day and then blame me if I will not do what she tells me …..it’s still amusing that your care giver claims she has no issue with me seeing you both in jail , but yet she has had since 5 Dec to arrange a jail she liked but instead she and the two face decided to ignore my emails and get “smashed” over the holidays and it seems most of Jan , nothing changes with that lot it seems boys …just breaks my heart that you both even after almost a year is still being subjected to this abuse and Cafcass is supporting it and thinks it’s great ! Still wonder some days what am I missing here , maybe I am the thick freak …not them???

Sorry champs I am rambling , not had much sleep since Sunday truth be told , but as I said , sleep aside I am having lots of fun ….guess something’s you never forget and other is just a born in instinct……happy days as they say …..

Hope you both will have a super day at school tomorrow, hope you get some Sun and fun playtime outside , don’t forget to take B&B for a little walk when you get back , keep some of your dinner for them , am pretty sure they , knowing pups would always be keen for a snack or three , I so hope they make you both smile each time you see them , as it makes me smile just thinking about them and the fact that I now know you both have a true companion and will always be loved in that house by something that has a heart , as before their arrival I had my doubts…..

Well little O’s I need to try and take a nap I think , so as always I will see you both at some point tonight under our big old green tree in dream land , can’t wait cuddle from you both and get a face lick from the pups……

Night , night little men ……..wet , sloppy face lick dreams …..lol

Love you both 38000 feet high and miss you more , much more ….

Love you boys …

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 28 Jan 2014


Hello little men !

Hope you both are doing really well..

Just got into bed have to be up in a couple of hours for a flight again ! Been a really busy 2 days but all good ! 2 more to go ….. Then holiday for a week need to work on my tan I think , lol

Just want to say a quick hello , and check in to make sure you both are oki doki ,

I hope you both are having lots of fun and playtime , and that you are giving B&B extra snacks , lol

Now news from the Court or the contact centre yet champs so still have no clue what is going on , but I guess we will tackle that next week again…..

Miss you both so much and have lots to tell you …new beginnings and all that …so I am mega excited …..but can’t so much now as the trolls will be all over it and try and stop my plans , but I can promise you it’s all good and should give us much more time as a 3 man family ….can’t wait …. And me being a staty at home daddy , all looks good ….

Well little boys , will see you both under our big old green tree as I have been up for 18 hours and might get 4 hours sleep now …but it’s been fun .. Doing what am doing is dealing people and trying to change the word one father child issues at a time , loving it ….

Love and miss you both truck loads lots of them full … Always ….

Night night , happy dreams of us 3 having some normal fine time in Chester , maybe Thursday when you are at school , will try my best ,,,,can’t promise as they might not let me in , but lest see….

Love you both always ….

Dad xx

Daily update for my boys 27 Jan 2014


Good evening little men..

Really sorry I am so late , but as I said yesterday afternoon I had a fair bit of travel to do , hope you both are doing well..

Just lying down on the bed , after the airport , 2 hours to gross a toll gate , a 6 hour meeting and more time in the car I have to confess , it’s been a long 24 hours , have to be up in about 4 hours again for leg two so can’t stay long , I can say we did loads of number crunching , report reviews and managed a couple of giggles but very productive all and all.

Tomorrow will be a long day again due to the early start and travel and a expected mega long meeting early morning , hope to meet some old Work mates for dinner if all goes to plan …..

I hope you both had a fantastic day and was able to take Barney and Bastet for a walk , and maybe by now they are both cuddled in at the feet of your bed … I hope you are loving them as much I believe you both would , just remember an extra biscuits for my fury pals will always go done well..

I hope you both will have a fun day tomorrow , with cool happy things to do as little men should …

As always boys I will see you both now under the big old green tree in dream land , I guess you might be waiting for me already , so please get my double cuddles ready …..as I can’t wait ….

Night , night ,little men , sweet happy cuddle fury dreams

Miss you both and love you TTTThhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiSSSSS much and more from wherever I am always …

Love you muppets ….always and always

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 26 Jan 2014



Good morning little men!

Hope you two are doing very well this morning…..

The picture of the little Simba’s , Ouma emailed me this morning , she says it reminds her of you both , playful and gorgeous……

I have had a busy morning as I had to get all my stuff ready , even went to get the car washed, I have to leave for the airport at about 3pm , so I am pretty much ready , just wanted to say a quick hello to you both as I think I will only be able to write to you both late tomorrow night if all goes to plan…but don’t stress I will write I promised, be it late….

Been look through your photos this morning and I must say breaks my heart that you both look so serious and unhappy on all the photos I am getting , your eyes look sad … Can’t see any fun as the ones I have of us 3 from before … Makes me really worried boys , are you both ok are you happy , are you having fun , do you both now start to realise what is going on ? I don’t know but my gut feeling is all is not well just by looking into your eyes on most of the photos , really , really scares me champs …..I hope I am wrong ……..

O before I forget all the interviews for various people from my life has now been arranged with the psychologist , so I assume soon we will know how unstable I am if indeed at all.. I know the answer and I think you both also but let’s leave it until the time is right …..

Boys as I said I have a bit of an extreme week starting tonight so will not be online as much as I am normally but as I said before , I will say hello still each day , not sure what time but I will…

I hope you both are having a great Sunday , maybe you are having some roast potatoes for dinner , or maybe you are out for a bite , whatever you are doing wherever you are I hope you are smiling and having fun….

You both must have a fantastic week next week , hope it’s not toooooo cold and that you get some nice outside playtime on your new bikes and be able to take Barney and Buster for a nice walk or play in the park , please give them both a little O double cuddle from me also … Maybe a extra biscuit would be nice also …..

See you both tonight then at some point under our big old green tree in dream land , always in my head and heart ….can’t wait to give you both a huge cuddle and meet your two new little fury friends …..

Night , night little muppets , warm cosy cuddle time dreams on the sofa with your puppies ….

Love you both more than 1000000000 A380 aircrafts full …. And miss you both much more ….

Love you little men …..always ….

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 25 Jan 2014


Good afternoon little men!

Hope you two are having a great Saturday afternoon full of fun….

Well pals I was pleased to learn this morning that you got two puppies , makes me smile so much , as I know how much I love animals and what a big part they played in my life while growing up , I am not sure what you got but they must be gorgeous… I got a huge amount of aggression from your care giver and her spokesperson before you both were born as I tried to explain to them that I have always seen my dogs as my babies as they , the same as you both need love , care and attention and turn your adult life upside down but in a good way , they were not having it and called me crazy for loving my dogs with all my heart , I think that shows a little of their true personalities , I was always thought never trust a person that do not like or respond well to animals …boy was that a good lesson….

Boys just please promise you will always be kind, caring and loving to B & B , remember they will give you both total unconditional loyalty , they will always be happy to see you both , no matter what…..take them for walks , let them sneak on to your bed or the sofa , make sure they are safe as they will always be there for you both…….

I would have so loved to see your faces when you saw them for the first time …. Makes me very proud to hear you both are so into them already …… I am sure they are very lucky puppies having you both as companions…..

I went with Ouma and Oupa to put flowers on Jaco’s grave this morning for his birthday ….still makes me smile if you look at all the messages and tributes he gets even 5 years after he is gone on Facebook , as Oupa said this morning he left his mark on the world and on so many people … I think he would have been so proud of you both……

I am not sure when the photo’s were taken that I was sent by your care giver this morning , I know the one with you both being carried by the stranger is about six months old as I got sent that ages ago by a friend of your care giver so I can only assume all the photos are old , but still please to get them …..

Also please know I had NO idea you both have been sick over the last six weeks , due to the hostage situation you both are being held under, I only get to know things when your abductor decides she feels to involve me in your lives , so I hope you both are ok now and doing better , sorry I was not able to send you even a cyber cuddle to help you feel better when you needed it….guess that is how the care givers likes to control the situation , not really surprised as that is how she does most things in her life , just sad you both suffer daily abuse because of it….

Well little men I will see you both as normal under our big old green tree in dream land a little later , I am bringing extra feel good bear cuddles for you both…..

Night , night champs ……happy puppy dreams ….long walks on the beach I hope

Love and miss you both to the moon , stars , sun and all over and back …..

Love you boys …..

Dad xx