Daily update for my Boys 26 Jan 2014



Good morning little men!

Hope you two are doing very well this morning…..

The picture of the little Simba’s , Ouma emailed me this morning , she says it reminds her of you both , playful and gorgeous……

I have had a busy morning as I had to get all my stuff ready , even went to get the car washed, I have to leave for the airport at about 3pm , so I am pretty much ready , just wanted to say a quick hello to you both as I think I will only be able to write to you both late tomorrow night if all goes to plan…but don’t stress I will write I promised, be it late….

Been look through your photos this morning and I must say breaks my heart that you both look so serious and unhappy on all the photos I am getting , your eyes look sad … Can’t see any fun as the ones I have of us 3 from before … Makes me really worried boys , are you both ok are you happy , are you having fun , do you both now start to realise what is going on ? I don’t know but my gut feeling is all is not well just by looking into your eyes on most of the photos , really , really scares me champs …..I hope I am wrong ……..

O before I forget all the interviews for various people from my life has now been arranged with the psychologist , so I assume soon we will know how unstable I am if indeed at all.. I know the answer and I think you both also but let’s leave it until the time is right …..

Boys as I said I have a bit of an extreme week starting tonight so will not be online as much as I am normally but as I said before , I will say hello still each day , not sure what time but I will…

I hope you both are having a great Sunday , maybe you are having some roast potatoes for dinner , or maybe you are out for a bite , whatever you are doing wherever you are I hope you are smiling and having fun….

You both must have a fantastic week next week , hope it’s not toooooo cold and that you get some nice outside playtime on your new bikes and be able to take Barney and Buster for a nice walk or play in the park , please give them both a little O double cuddle from me also … Maybe a extra biscuit would be nice also …..

See you both tonight then at some point under our big old green tree in dream land , always in my head and heart ….can’t wait to give you both a huge cuddle and meet your two new little fury friends …..

Night , night little muppets , warm cosy cuddle time dreams on the sofa with your puppies ….

Love you both more than 1000000000 A380 aircrafts full …. And miss you both much more ….

Love you little men …..always ….

Dad xx

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