Daily update for my boys 27 Jan 2014


Good evening little men..

Really sorry I am so late , but as I said yesterday afternoon I had a fair bit of travel to do , hope you both are doing well..

Just lying down on the bed , after the airport , 2 hours to gross a toll gate , a 6 hour meeting and more time in the car I have to confess , it’s been a long 24 hours , have to be up in about 4 hours again for leg two so can’t stay long , I can say we did loads of number crunching , report reviews and managed a couple of giggles but very productive all and all.

Tomorrow will be a long day again due to the early start and travel and a expected mega long meeting early morning , hope to meet some old Work mates for dinner if all goes to plan …..

I hope you both had a fantastic day and was able to take Barney and Bastet for a walk , and maybe by now they are both cuddled in at the feet of your bed … I hope you are loving them as much I believe you both would , just remember an extra biscuits for my fury pals will always go done well..

I hope you both will have a fun day tomorrow , with cool happy things to do as little men should …

As always boys I will see you both now under the big old green tree in dream land , I guess you might be waiting for me already , so please get my double cuddles ready …..as I can’t wait ….

Night , night ,little men , sweet happy cuddle fury dreams

Miss you both and love you TTTThhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiSSSSS much and more from wherever I am always …

Love you muppets ….always and always

Dad xx

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