Charm and Harm


Oh the Charm of the Sociopath. The seductiveness, the right words said, the professions of love, and all their achievements. The talks of a wonderful life spent together. Their tendency to be engaging, verbally facile. The Sociopath is unlike anyone you have ever met before. They are your soul mate. The One you have been looking for.

Such amazing memories made. The incredible sex, the hours upon hours of conversations, simple seductive text messages. Maybe even words of love posted on social media accounts. Your Sociopath is just simply perfect. Their Charm is so believable. Their words, their passion unlike any you have heard or felt before. And all this happens so quickly. You find yourself opening up your heart & soul to them unlike any person before them. You have constant thoughts of them, you cannot wait to see them, or hear their voice. You smile when you see…

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