Automated Human


Sociopaths are like those automated systems we all have to deal with. Be it calling the bank, cell phone provider, a store of any kind, your doctor’s office and so on. You know what I’m talking about. Here is how the Sociopath is no different than an automated system. The Sociopath response will be in italics. 

Why did you just lie about thatplease press one for English

Why can you not answer that question truthfully? I need to transfer you to a different department…… 

How can you be so cold and cruel? i’m sorry i need to close that account…..

how do you justify abusing me? i’m sorry, your account is over-drawn…..

 why can’t you take accountability that you are causing these problems? to return to the main menu, press one…….

has anything i said or did register with you?i‘m sorry, can you…

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Love, Forgiveness and Hope

Your Journey to Healing Starts Here

I started this site earlier in the year after joining a closed facebook group about Parents Healing from Parental Alienation.

However; I did not anticipate the response and reaction the website would receive. Within days dozens of alienated parents joined the forum and started following the site on a regular basis. We received many, many private messages of extremely sad cases of Parental Alienation from people all over the world.

I am 23 years down the road on my journey and well on the way to healing, but unfortunately for many it is just the beginning. The group offers a great support network for people who do not understand why this is happening and they can share experiences and their stories.

I feel I can no longer offer support or help as my situation has not changed for many years and will not in the forseeable future, so I will…

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Will My Narcissistic Ex Ever Feel Guilty?

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed


A common question as it relates to a toxic relationship is whether the narcissist feels any guilt or remorse for what they’ve done to their partner (a.k.a. source of supply).

The short answer is no.

In order to feel guilt, one needs to have a conscience.  Because narcissists have no conscience, there are no limits to the destruction they can cause in the lives of their victims…all without an inkling of remorse.

Victims struggle with this because, as conscientious people, they believe there must be some understandable reason why narcissists act the way they do.  They cannot grasp that there are people who are simply cunning and devious, and thus justify the narcissist’s hurtful actions by being all too willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Victims imagine how they would feel if they were mean and nasty to the narcissist, and further imagine the remorse, guilt…

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Is John a Narcissist or is John the victim of a Narcissist?

An Upturned Soul

If Jane accuses John of being a narcissist, and Jane then tells Mark, Mindy, and Sue that John is a narcissist, and Sue (triggered by her own personal and painful experience of a romantic relationship with a narcissist from which she has yet to recover) then tells Tom that John is a narcissist, Mark (who is the child of a narcissist and has PTSD because of it) tells Robert that John is a narcissist, and Mindy (who doesn’t think she knows any narcissists but is frightened because she’s heard such frightening stories about them) tells Melissa that John is a narcissist – Is John a narcissist? Or is John the victim of a narcissist?


Melissa (who loves to gossip about others, yet hates it when others gossip about her) tells Letitia that John is a narcissist, Robert (who never liked John because Jane loves John and Robert loves Jane)…

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Am I in an Abusive Relationship?

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

confused-woman photo credit:

No relationship is perfect.  Conflict is a natural part of any relationship, whether romantic or otherwise.  Even the best of lovers will have moments of misunderstanding, frustration, and confusion.  However, with open communication – which is vital in a healthy relationship – most conflict can be remedied through mutual respect, support, and compromise.

In a healthy relationship, each partner usually feels comfortable sharing their feelings, wishes, and disappointments.  While there are different levels of emotional maturity, if your partner attempts to consider your point-of-view and makes sincere efforts to make compromises, your relationship is probably healthy.

Passive-Aggressive Does Not a Narcissist Make

An important thing to keep in mind is that although a person may exhibit passive-aggressive behaviors, it doesn’t automatically make them a Narcissist.  Though passive-aggressive people aren’t bad at their core, it’s a learned behavior that often leads to the destruction of important relationships if…

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Dandlebear saves the day

Karen Woodall

It was November, it was very cold and grey.  The hedgerows were still and bare and the birds were huddled in the ditches trying to keep warm.  Dandlebear watched out of the window, he could see that the coldest time of year was coming.

‘Stop doing that’ said a cross voice behind him and he turned to see Emily jumping up and down on the sofa. Thomas, a little boy who was just a little bit taller than Dandlebear when he stood up straight, looked cross and squabbly.  Dandlebear smiled across at him, ‘stop it now Emily’ he said and Emily flopped down looking glum. Dandlebear turned and looked out of the window again, it was going to be a difficult few weeks before Christmas, he could see that for certain.

Emily and Thomas were at their daddy’s house where they always were on a Saturday morning.  Emily and Thomas…

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“What Would a Narcissist do if you Gave Him a Muffin?”

Protective Mothers' Alliance International

A big *Thank You* and ((((( HUG)))))) to PMA INTL member Amy B. for this humorous and very truthful contribution! Love to you Amy. The PMA INTL Team

Originally posted by- Lucy K Write (One mom’s battle)

“What Would a Narcissist do if you Gave Him a Muffin?”
If you give a Narcissist a muffin
He’ll ask why you didn’t give him yours too
Because you don’t really deserve a muffin
And you should already know he is extra hungry this morning
But he doesn’t really want to eat either one of the muffins
Because you didn’t buy them from the best muffin shop in town
And how dare you, because you should have driven ten miles
To get him the muffin he would have wanted in the first place
Rather than do what you did when you snuck out of the house early this morning
To make a trip…

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PA IS about the children – see following article:


By Keith Marsolek, CEO & Founder at Parental Alienation World Wide Support Group Public Page, CEO & Founder at Parents Against Alienation and CEO & Founder at Fathers Against Parental Alienation:

People often times get PA confused as the name might imply it is some regards or fashion something to do with adults and parents, when this could be as far from the truth as it gets. You see, PA is really not about adults or parents at all. Its really all about the children. The price tag that has been placed on their being. It is the systematic and deliberate psychological war that they are being used for. It is the intentional mental abuse they are made to endure for years, decades and sometimes lifelong.
We as adults whom are merely bystanders to this new cloacked type of abusive behaviour and who fall victim by our mere emotional ineptness…

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