Automated Human


Sociopaths are like those automated systems we all have to deal with. Be it calling the bank, cell phone provider, a store of any kind, your doctor’s office and so on. You know what I’m talking about. Here is how the Sociopath is no different than an automated system. The Sociopath response will be in italics. 

Why did you just lie about thatplease press one for English

Why can you not answer that question truthfully? I need to transfer you to a different department…… 

How can you be so cold and cruel? i’m sorry i need to close that account…..

how do you justify abusing me? i’m sorry, your account is over-drawn…..

 why can’t you take accountability that you are causing these problems? to return to the main menu, press one…….

has anything i said or did register with you?i‘m sorry, can you…

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