A message from Ouma and Oupa boys


Hello Little men ,

Ouma and Oupa wanted to post this for you but I am not sure how to do it , lol I know I know , I am sure you two can show me in one second ….

“Oscar and Oliver with broken hearts we just want to forward this little message to you both for New Year. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Maybe one day in the future we will have contact. Love you forever and a day. From Ouma and Oupa in a far , far away country.

Night , night pals …

Love you Dad xxx

Daily update for my Boys 31 Dec 2013 – A New Years wish ….2014


Hello Muppets !

Hope you two are well and ready for 2014 .. Not long now ….

The picture today I thought might make you both smile as it always give me a little hope when I look at it …. Happy times ….

Boys I am really sorry that once again I am not allowed to see you or speak with you in person to wish you both the best of the best year for 2014 …. So I guess this is what it will have to be for now ….

A New Years wish for my Oliver and Oscar

Peace within your heart
Love from family and friends
Faith to guide your way
Hope to to make it through each day
Sunshine to light the day
Heavenly Stars to wish upon
Rainbows to to let you know there is a tomorrow
A tear to show compassion
A heart to hold the love
But most of all I wish for you
to feel my hand in yours,
To know I am here if you stumble or fall.
To bring you cheer, to bring you love,
to return the love you always share with me…….

Resolve to make at least one person happy every day, and then in ten years you may have made three thousand, six hundred and fifty persons happy, or brightened a small town by your contribution to the fund of general enjoyment and happiness ……

H ours of happy times with friends and family
A bundant time for relaxation , fun and playtime
P rosperity…..
P lenty of love when you need it the most
Y outhful excitement at lifes simple pleasures…. Smile , giggle …

N ights of restful slumber (you know – dont’ worry be happy) Akuna Mata ….. No worries ….
E verything you need always ….
W ishing you love and light

Y ears and years of good health
E njoyment and mirth
A angels to watch over you
R embrances of a happy years us 3 have had …..

Well boys this wish is a mouth full but it comes from my heart ….. Really hope you get to read it one day …..

So boys whatever you are doing today , I hope you are safe , well , happy and looked after , O and have fun , smile , laugh and be little men as you should be ……..

I might be a little late tonight to meet you both under our big old green tree in dream land because we are going out as I said yesterday but don’t worry I will be there as soon as I can as I can’t wait to hold you both and wish you a very a Happy New year and give you both a huge bear cuddle and tell you how much I love and miss you both ….

Night , night little New Years party animals … Sweet happy 2014 dreams of us 3 having some normal fun time together …. We can dream … No one can take that away from us boys always remember that ….

I love and miss you both so much ……… Hope you both know that always …..

Love you into 2014 and each and every day for the rest of my life ….

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 30 Dec 2013


Hello Little Men !

How are my Champs doing this evening ? I hope great !

Sorry I am a bit late , I went to the Mall this afternoon and bumped into some old friends outside the Cinema so ended up going back to their house for coffee , must say I had a good laugh about all the things we got up to at University with all the people we knew … Blast from the past as they say …

Well Pals 2013 is almost done , thus the picture today , I guess 2014 can only be better for us 3 as it can’t be any worse , lol… Not sure if you two understand about the new year yet , but it brings a feeling of hope , new things and leaving the past behind , and I must say I am well pleased to see the back side of this year .. On wards and upwards day after tomorrow !

I hope you to had a fun day , with loads of playtime and fun things , I hope you two have been practising to let out the old year and the new one in ! It’s a very important job , I must admit I have not had much like in this regard but I am sure you two will be brilliant at it and bring us all a great future and a fantastic year !

I am going with a Ouma and Oupa to a family gathering tomorrow , loads of people I have not seen for years so should be fun , all the questions about you two will not be fun but I guess most people are reading your blog now daily so they should be up to date with the facts…

I hope you got the video I did yesterday as it took very long to upload not sure why , seems ok on my side …..

Well boys I hope you will have a great day tomorrow , let’s hope the adult around you are sober enough to make sure you are safe ! …. Not so sure they will be of what I have seen and heard the last couple of weeks but let’s hope they know you two are the priority not them getting “smashed” as normal …..

Boys as each night I hope to see you both shortly under our big old green tree in dream land , so keen to see you both and give you a huge cuddle …..

I miss and love you both so , so much ….

Night , night pals , happy 2014 dreams …..

Love you both more than THiiiiiiiissssssssss much …

Love you

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 28 Dec 2013


Hello little Men !

How are my champs today on this lovely Sunny Saturday afternoon ? I hope very well..

The picture today I saw on Facebook and thought it was very true words thus I wanted to share it with you both……

I just got home , Ouma and I have been on an outing since early this morning , we went to a place with loads of lights and bells … Lol Ouma likes going from time to time , I have not been for years but I must admit I am exhausted .. Lol sure I am going to sleep like a baby tonight ..

Looks like we are going to get a huge storm later today but it was really nice and hot today , I must say I was surprised how few cars were on the road….Guess everybody is on holiday now , so happy days…

Not sure what you two muppets did today but I hope it was fun and lots of happy times…. Don’t have any plans for tomorrow so might just go to the mall to watch a movie , I remember as as child we always use to go watch the new South African comedy movie that came out each year around this time , they were done by a guy called Leon Schuster , I must see if I can get you these on DVD for when you are a little older , parts are in Afrikaans that I guess you will not ever understand but a lot is in English and they are great fun to watch… Will let you know if I am able to get my hands on some of these for you…

Can’t believe it’s only a week then it’s back to work again , my schedule for Jan looks pretty full already , I need to book flight and hotels etc. I guess next week …

I hope you two will have a lovely lazy and relax Sunday tomorrow , I will try and do a video for you tomorrow afternoon again , might even try and see if I can get a Ouma and Oupa to make a guest star appearance … I know they are dying to say hello to you both but not sure if they are camera shy … Lol

I guess you two are still having loads of fun with all your cool new stuff , I still don’t know if you got the train town thing , as I said it was not your Christmas gift but still would have loved to see the smiles on your faces if you did get it, knowing how much you both loved the one I have at my house… I really hope you did get it boys ….

So pals as each and every night I can’t wait to see you both a little later under our big old green tree , might need your rain coats , lol , can’t wait to say hello to you both and give you each a huge double cuddle … And to tell you how much I miss and love you both…

Night , night champs , happy , dry place dreams please !

Miss and love you both THiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssss much , lol maybe you two will know one day what I mean when I say this …..

Love you so much muppets ….

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 27 Dec 2013


Hello Muppets !

How are my champs doing today ? I hope fantastic ….

Well I can’t believe it , the cool weather here is still keeping , I think today is actually a day you need to wear a jumper here .. It’s great , so much better than the heat we normally have this time of the year .. I guess you two are still stuck in the house watching the rain fall.. Never mind , I am sure you are having a fun time all the same in your playroom….

Not a massive amount of news here boys today I am afraid , the most excitement I had was to go to the mall and charge my mobile wifi Vodcom thing … Lol not as exciting as it sounds that I can promise you both .. Lol

O the picture is once again care of Ouma from her wildlife collection , I hope you both like it..

Had a long chat to an old friend from Dubai just now , he has been fighting for 2 years here to see his little girl ,seems very similar to our story only difference is that he is English fighting the South African system but it is very clear that the one sided discrimination approach is the same here as in England for the foreign parent ,guess the rules of the game are the same no matter where you are , he did say something that I agree with 100% , people under estimate an opponent that has nothing to lose but only stand to gain or better the level of contact they have been offered with their children …. Very true words I must say …..

So I wonder what you two have been doing today , whatever it is I hope you are safe , warm, cared for and happy as little men should be …

O before I forget I guess you two would have seen I got your YouTube channel working and was able to post you a little video clip , now that I know it works I will send you a video every couple of days I guess , I see a lot of people have watched it already … O your Wikipedia page is also up so your digital online profile is growing well now , makes me happy to know that when you are a little older you will have all these things to read and watch should you choose to do so …..

Well champs I hope you two will have a fun weekend full of smiles and happy times whatever you have planned ….

As always pals I hope to see you both later under our big old green tree in dream land … Can’t wait to see you both and give you a double dream cuddle …. And hear all about your day ….

Night , night champs , sweet happy place dreams please ….

I miss and love you both huge truck loads with trailers full….

Love you both always ……

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 26 Dec 2013


Hello little Monkeys !

How are you both doing today ? I hope great …

Well boys I have made you a video update today but am not able to upload it on the blog for some strange reason , guess I have some google-ing to do to figure out what I am doing wrong ..,so watch this space … Lol

The picture today is care of Ouma again , she thought you two would love it !

So I guess you two are having a super day playing with all your cool new stuff.. I hope you are sharing with each other also …. Lol I know you both are not that great yet at the sharing thing but I am pretty sure you will get there in the long run….

It’s been a lovely cool day here again , must admit it works for me rather than being boiling hot…

We have just had a lazy day here to be honest in front of the telly , Oupa loves bait cars but luckily it has not been on yet today … Lol

Not sure what you both are doing the next couple of days but I hope the weather is ok for you to maybe go to the Zoo or play park for some outside fun also as little men should..

O before I forget I bought you some cool wildlife DVDs today , you should get them next week I guess , all the little ones here love them so I hope you two will like them also …

So I did not get any pictures of you both on Christmas Day , I guess I should have known it will not happen but no worries I have my memories and I know you both would have had a lovely time …

I see there is still loads of houses without power in the UK , I hope you two are not effected by the storms and that you are happy and safe …….and well looked after…

Was really looking forward to sending you the video today , really sorry I was not able to do so but as I said I will keep trying….

Well boys I hope you have loads of fun the rest of this afternoon , I am sure you must be well busy with all the excitement of the past two days…..Just sorry again I was not allowed to see you or speak with you both … Maybe next year hey boys ….who knows…

As always my little champs I really hope to see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land , so keen to see you both and give you a dream cuddle ……and tell you how much I miss and love you both….

Night , night monkeys … Happy place dreams full of fun and maybe even us 3 spending some normal time together …..

Love you both to the moon and back a billion times…..

Love you pals …. Always..

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 25 Dec 2013



Hello little Santa fans !

I guess you two must just be sitting down for you Christmas dinner , we have had ours already , must admit I think I ate way to much already not sure if I am going to have space for the peppermint crisp tart I made yesterday …. Just a pity you two are not going to be able to have a bite as I am sure you two would have loved it !

So I guess you two must be two very lucky happy little boys with all the cool stuff that Santa came to drop off for you last night …. I hope you have helped to clean up all the wrapping paper after you have opened all your gifts….

We went to Jaco ( my brother) and my Ouma’s graves to go put some fresh flowers on .. Can’t believe it is 5 years already in March since they both have passed away … Feels longer or no maybe a shorter time not sure , it’s funny to explain , I guess you two will understand what I mean one day..

It’s lovely and cool here today but I must admit this is not normal for this time of the year , we normally sweat like overly beefy ladies at a rave on Christmas Day , lol

Boys I so hope that you both are ok and that you are having a loving and festive day all and all .. I guess the next big one now is New Year’s Eve , I personally think the hype for this is over rated but maybe that is just my age showing … Lol

I hope you two are being good little men and having a little nap after dinner as I am sure you must be well worn out from all the excitement of the day …

The pictures above are the ones mum or her official spokes person emailed me last night of you both .. Least I know you got to sit on the Big mans lap … Looks like you had a nice time Oscar , Oliver it does not look like you were to sure about the strange old man , lol… Made me smile all the same ……

Boys I can’t believe Christmas has come and indeed almost gone and that this week is 10 months since I have been allowed to spend time with you both in a normal environment , I guess the realisation of the fact that all I am now to you both is a person who’s name is Dad , I guess like any stranger that you meet… Breaks my heart but this is what mum and Steve wanted so I guess I have to be happy with scraps and bones they throw me from time to time ….I am still and will always be very sorry that they believe what they are doing is the best for you in the long term … Boy o boy are they wrong but I guess only you both and time will teach them this very hard lesson….

Boys as always I hope to see you both under our big old green tree tonight , can’t wait to here all about your fun day , I am sure you will have loads to tell me and I can’t wait to give you both a Christmas dream double bear cuddle …..

Night , night little men , be safe , be happy and be yourselves … Always

Love you both around the world and back a billion times ….. Miss you ten times more than that ….

Love you pals ….

Dad xx