Daily update for my Boys 26 Dec 2013


Hello little Monkeys !

How are you both doing today ? I hope great …

Well boys I have made you a video update today but am not able to upload it on the blog for some strange reason , guess I have some google-ing to do to figure out what I am doing wrong ..,so watch this space … Lol

The picture today is care of Ouma again , she thought you two would love it !

So I guess you two are having a super day playing with all your cool new stuff.. I hope you are sharing with each other also …. Lol I know you both are not that great yet at the sharing thing but I am pretty sure you will get there in the long run….

It’s been a lovely cool day here again , must admit it works for me rather than being boiling hot…

We have just had a lazy day here to be honest in front of the telly , Oupa loves bait cars but luckily it has not been on yet today … Lol

Not sure what you both are doing the next couple of days but I hope the weather is ok for you to maybe go to the Zoo or play park for some outside fun also as little men should..

O before I forget I bought you some cool wildlife DVDs today , you should get them next week I guess , all the little ones here love them so I hope you two will like them also …

So I did not get any pictures of you both on Christmas Day , I guess I should have known it will not happen but no worries I have my memories and I know you both would have had a lovely time …

I see there is still loads of houses without power in the UK , I hope you two are not effected by the storms and that you are happy and safe …….and well looked after…

Was really looking forward to sending you the video today , really sorry I was not able to do so but as I said I will keep trying….

Well boys I hope you have loads of fun the rest of this afternoon , I am sure you must be well busy with all the excitement of the past two days…..Just sorry again I was not allowed to see you or speak with you both … Maybe next year hey boys ….who knows…

As always my little champs I really hope to see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land , so keen to see you both and give you a dream cuddle ……and tell you how much I miss and love you both….

Night , night monkeys … Happy place dreams full of fun and maybe even us 3 spending some normal time together …..

Love you both to the moon and back a billion times…..

Love you pals …. Always..

Dad xx

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