Daily update for my Boys 25 Dec 2013



Hello little Santa fans !

I guess you two must just be sitting down for you Christmas dinner , we have had ours already , must admit I think I ate way to much already not sure if I am going to have space for the peppermint crisp tart I made yesterday …. Just a pity you two are not going to be able to have a bite as I am sure you two would have loved it !

So I guess you two must be two very lucky happy little boys with all the cool stuff that Santa came to drop off for you last night …. I hope you have helped to clean up all the wrapping paper after you have opened all your gifts….

We went to Jaco ( my brother) and my Ouma’s graves to go put some fresh flowers on .. Can’t believe it is 5 years already in March since they both have passed away … Feels longer or no maybe a shorter time not sure , it’s funny to explain , I guess you two will understand what I mean one day..

It’s lovely and cool here today but I must admit this is not normal for this time of the year , we normally sweat like overly beefy ladies at a rave on Christmas Day , lol

Boys I so hope that you both are ok and that you are having a loving and festive day all and all .. I guess the next big one now is New Year’s Eve , I personally think the hype for this is over rated but maybe that is just my age showing … Lol

I hope you two are being good little men and having a little nap after dinner as I am sure you must be well worn out from all the excitement of the day …

The pictures above are the ones mum or her official spokes person emailed me last night of you both .. Least I know you got to sit on the Big mans lap … Looks like you had a nice time Oscar , Oliver it does not look like you were to sure about the strange old man , lol… Made me smile all the same ……

Boys I can’t believe Christmas has come and indeed almost gone and that this week is 10 months since I have been allowed to spend time with you both in a normal environment , I guess the realisation of the fact that all I am now to you both is a person who’s name is Dad , I guess like any stranger that you meet… Breaks my heart but this is what mum and Steve wanted so I guess I have to be happy with scraps and bones they throw me from time to time ….I am still and will always be very sorry that they believe what they are doing is the best for you in the long term … Boy o boy are they wrong but I guess only you both and time will teach them this very hard lesson….

Boys as always I hope to see you both under our big old green tree tonight , can’t wait to here all about your fun day , I am sure you will have loads to tell me and I can’t wait to give you both a Christmas dream double bear cuddle …..

Night , night little men , be safe , be happy and be yourselves … Always

Love you both around the world and back a billion times ….. Miss you ten times more than that ….

Love you pals ….

Dad xx

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