Daily update for my Boys 27 Dec 2013


Hello Muppets !

How are my champs doing today ? I hope fantastic ….

Well I can’t believe it , the cool weather here is still keeping , I think today is actually a day you need to wear a jumper here .. It’s great , so much better than the heat we normally have this time of the year .. I guess you two are still stuck in the house watching the rain fall.. Never mind , I am sure you are having a fun time all the same in your playroom….

Not a massive amount of news here boys today I am afraid , the most excitement I had was to go to the mall and charge my mobile wifi Vodcom thing … Lol not as exciting as it sounds that I can promise you both .. Lol

O the picture is once again care of Ouma from her wildlife collection , I hope you both like it..

Had a long chat to an old friend from Dubai just now , he has been fighting for 2 years here to see his little girl ,seems very similar to our story only difference is that he is English fighting the South African system but it is very clear that the one sided discrimination approach is the same here as in England for the foreign parent ,guess the rules of the game are the same no matter where you are , he did say something that I agree with 100% , people under estimate an opponent that has nothing to lose but only stand to gain or better the level of contact they have been offered with their children …. Very true words I must say …..

So I wonder what you two have been doing today , whatever it is I hope you are safe , warm, cared for and happy as little men should be …

O before I forget I guess you two would have seen I got your YouTube channel working and was able to post you a little video clip , now that I know it works I will send you a video every couple of days I guess , I see a lot of people have watched it already … O your Wikipedia page is also up so your digital online profile is growing well now , makes me happy to know that when you are a little older you will have all these things to read and watch should you choose to do so …..

Well champs I hope you two will have a fun weekend full of smiles and happy times whatever you have planned ….

As always pals I hope to see you both later under our big old green tree in dream land … Can’t wait to see you both and give you a double dream cuddle …. And hear all about your day ….

Night , night champs , sweet happy place dreams please ….

I miss and love you both huge truck loads with trailers full….

Love you both always ……

Dad xx

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