Birth Certificates for Oliver James Ferreira and Oscar Alexander Ferreira


img474 (1)

Hello Little men ,

Please find above your Birth Certificates , should your paid surrogate Jayne Elizabeth Ferreira aka as Jayne Elizabeth McClure , change your Family name I will repost these weekly and tag with both names to ensure you will know the Truth one day ….

I should also get your South African passports in the next couple of weeks so will post those on here also with your copy UK passports I have now and your confirmation of duel citizenship.

Please also note the date in April 2013 when these certificates were issued, the Court and your paid surrogate really underestimate my intelligence .

Love you always Little Men ..

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 3 Jan 2014



Hello Little O’s

How are my muppets doing today ? I hope fantastic ! ….

Boys I see there is a huge amount of bad weather warnings out all over the UK again today , so I really hope you both are safe , warm and looked after……. All I can do is hope ……

It’s a really nice day here again , not as hot as what they said yesterday but really nice , Ouma and I have been shopping , looks like most people are still on Holiday today as the shops are mega busy … I guess it’s all back to normal next week ! I saw some really cool school bags today but was not sure if I should get them for you as I don’t know what you are allowed at your school…or even where your school is ….

O before I forget I was standing in line to pay at one of the clothing shops and I saw twin boys they must have been about 11 I guess , one also blond and one dark and the one had a shirt he wanted to buy I guess for a school dance or something so his brother came back and he had the exact same shirt , I thought the blond boy was going to go mad , they spoke Afrikaans but He said to his brother ‘ listen we are twins I know that and you are my best friend but that does not mean we have to look like freaks ! Mum said we should buy what we each like , so stop copying me please! ‘

I had to smile as I guess that will be you two in a couple of years … The dark haired boy came back a couple of minutes later with the same shirt again just a different colour and his brother then seemed ok with the idea….boys I spend each thinking about how your little personalities are developing and how badly you both will be affected by the people who are around you each day !but as I have said before no matter what just always make sure you look out for each other no matter what your ‘family’ tries to do to you …..stand your ground for what is right …..

The weekend is here again believe it or not , I don’t have any major plans , I think Ouma and Oupa wants to go for dinner , that’s about it …need to catch up on some work stuff also and get the Court papers file sorted ,I am using Ouma’s new Hoover box to store it all in for you can’t believe it’s more than 8000 pages already and we still have a long way to go boys … So as and when you are ready you will have to take a week to sit down and read this all…if you want…

Boys not sure what your big plans are for the weekend but I hope it is safe , warm and fun , I suspect there might be a little bit of tension around you this weekend but you know what people need to know the truth ! People can only hide their real personalities and life style for so long until they get exposed for what they really are … You two will understand this one day ! I think the lesson here is be yourself always , if people don’t like it tuff , but never try and be a two face as it always , always bites you in the end ……

I asked your ‘spokesperson’ if I can see you both on 27 Feb the day before we go back to Court and 20 May on your birthday as I was not allowed to see you for Christmas or New Year , I am sure they will ignore the request again as they did for Christmas but I guess if you give a monkey enough rope he will hang himself ……

Well little boys I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dreamland , can’t wait to give you both a huge cuddle and tell you how much I miss and love you both….

Night , night Champs , sweet happy weekend dreams ….

Miss and love you both big oil tankers full and miss you more …

Love you pals …

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 2 Jan 2014



Hello Boys …

Happy 2nd Jan 2014 .. Lol , hope you two are doing really well…

I had a lovely day , we had a surprise visit from some family friends the Koekemoers , with their 2 little men , or I guess not so little now , the last time I saw them was a couple of months before you were born when I was home the last time .. The boys are lovely , makes me smile when they call me Oom ( uncle ) such a South African thing but I guess we have all been brought up always with that respect for people that are older than you , makes me sad knowing that you two might never have that in your life growing up in the UK ,

Been a fantastic day here weather wise also but looks like the next couple of days are going to be extremely hot ! Not going to be fun ….

O i had a email from one of my old friends from Dubai , they stay in Namibia now , they have a little boy that is a little younger than you both , I am going to try and go see them end of Jan or Middle Feb if my schedule allows as I have not seen them in about 4 years also now … Should be a fun trip ….

I started work on my Jan travel schedule looks like it is going to be a busy month but productive and I guess it keeps my mind of this mess us 3 are living each day ….

I guess you two must be doing your back to school shopping this week now as I assume you are going back to school next week , you two must be well excited to see your little friends again and get back to some fun learning activities …..

My friend Renette is getting married tomorrow , or I guess rather having her wedding party , I have not been able to make it to Cape Town to see them , I am a bit disappointed about it , but was just not able to get it arranged , you two might not remember her but I have some lovely pictures of her with you two when you were a couple of months old .. Her sister has twin boys also so I know she has a soft spot for you two , regardless of being not so happy with me for not making the wedding party…..

I am not sure what you two have got going on for the weekend but I hope it will be packed with loads of fun , smiles and happy time … And that it is not toooooo colddddddd… Lol

Champs I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land , keep me a nice spot … Can’t wait to see you both and hold you for a minute ……

Love you both to the moon and back a billion x 90000000000000 times and miss you more …

Night , night my little Super Stars …. Happy warm cosy dreams …..

Love you lots pals ….

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 27 Dec 2013


Hello Muppets !

How are my champs doing today ? I hope fantastic ….

Well I can’t believe it , the cool weather here is still keeping , I think today is actually a day you need to wear a jumper here .. It’s great , so much better than the heat we normally have this time of the year .. I guess you two are still stuck in the house watching the rain fall.. Never mind , I am sure you are having a fun time all the same in your playroom….

Not a massive amount of news here boys today I am afraid , the most excitement I had was to go to the mall and charge my mobile wifi Vodcom thing … Lol not as exciting as it sounds that I can promise you both .. Lol

O the picture is once again care of Ouma from her wildlife collection , I hope you both like it..

Had a long chat to an old friend from Dubai just now , he has been fighting for 2 years here to see his little girl ,seems very similar to our story only difference is that he is English fighting the South African system but it is very clear that the one sided discrimination approach is the same here as in England for the foreign parent ,guess the rules of the game are the same no matter where you are , he did say something that I agree with 100% , people under estimate an opponent that has nothing to lose but only stand to gain or better the level of contact they have been offered with their children …. Very true words I must say …..

So I wonder what you two have been doing today , whatever it is I hope you are safe , warm, cared for and happy as little men should be …

O before I forget I guess you two would have seen I got your YouTube channel working and was able to post you a little video clip , now that I know it works I will send you a video every couple of days I guess , I see a lot of people have watched it already … O your Wikipedia page is also up so your digital online profile is growing well now , makes me happy to know that when you are a little older you will have all these things to read and watch should you choose to do so …..

Well champs I hope you two will have a fun weekend full of smiles and happy times whatever you have planned ….

As always pals I hope to see you both later under our big old green tree in dream land … Can’t wait to see you both and give you a double dream cuddle …. And hear all about your day ….

Night , night champs , sweet happy place dreams please ….

I miss and love you both huge truck loads with trailers full….

Love you both always ……

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 14 Dec 2013

Hello Boys

How are you two doing today? I hope very,very well…

Sorry I am a bit late today but just got back from Jaco , Janine and little Jayden, I am sad to report that little missy had to go stay on a farm with lots of other animals with medical issues…

Today made me realize again boys how many great friends I have here and that I have loads of people here that truly care about me and me about them, Jayden and I had such a busy fun afternoon, he was like a little firecracker today, reminds me so much of you both, had to hold back a tear when he came up to give me the biggest bear hug cuddle when I had to go , he is lovely I think you two would get on with him so well , the communication and chatting would be funny to see but I guess as kids language is irrelevant, fact of nature I guess not sure why… well I hope to see the 3 of them again before Christmas if all goes to plan.

O before I forget driving home now on the motorway I cant believe the amount of broken down cars even a bus , all with people that worked for 11 months for 150 pound a month to save to go home now for 3 weeks to see their children and families that they work away from for such a long time, sad thing is this time of the year and in the evening not a sole will help these people and they will be stuck on the side of the road for who knows how long before they get home as planned and most probably end up spending the money they had saved to fix the car and get home which means their families will have no gifts or maybe even a proper meal for the next month…

But you know what boys for all these people that is not important all of them and their families want is to see each other and spend a little bit of time as a family over the Holidays…..I guess that is just so normal as they will keep smiling and be festive no matter what ….

Makes me proud in a funny way to say I am African as this is our culture we rise up above whatever life gives us to deal with … I hope although you have almost no contact with me that the 19 months we were a family unit a little of my African spirit is alive in you both always as it is such a fantastic personality trait, even if the UK Courts says that means you have a personality disorder but I guess then so have 49 000 000 other people in South Africa …..

Well little boys I hope you two had a great fun day and  have done lots of things you wanted to do…..

As always little men I hope to see you both shortly under our big old green tree in dream land , I am so ready for my double little O’s double bear cuddles and smiles … can’t wait …..

Just want to say also I love and  miss you both with all my heart ……

Night, night , warm happy sweet dreams…..


Love you both THIIIIISSSSSSSSSS much ………..

Dad xx