Daily update for my Boys 3 Jan 2014



Hello Little O’s

How are my muppets doing today ? I hope fantastic ! ….

Boys I see there is a huge amount of bad weather warnings out all over the UK again today , so I really hope you both are safe , warm and looked after……. All I can do is hope ……

It’s a really nice day here again , not as hot as what they said yesterday but really nice , Ouma and I have been shopping , looks like most people are still on Holiday today as the shops are mega busy … I guess it’s all back to normal next week ! I saw some really cool school bags today but was not sure if I should get them for you as I don’t know what you are allowed at your school…or even where your school is ….

O before I forget I was standing in line to pay at one of the clothing shops and I saw twin boys they must have been about 11 I guess , one also blond and one dark and the one had a shirt he wanted to buy I guess for a school dance or something so his brother came back and he had the exact same shirt , I thought the blond boy was going to go mad , they spoke Afrikaans but He said to his brother ‘ listen we are twins I know that and you are my best friend but that does not mean we have to look like freaks ! Mum said we should buy what we each like , so stop copying me please! ‘

I had to smile as I guess that will be you two in a couple of years … The dark haired boy came back a couple of minutes later with the same shirt again just a different colour and his brother then seemed ok with the idea….boys I spend each thinking about how your little personalities are developing and how badly you both will be affected by the people who are around you each day !but as I have said before no matter what just always make sure you look out for each other no matter what your ‘family’ tries to do to you …..stand your ground for what is right …..

The weekend is here again believe it or not , I don’t have any major plans , I think Ouma and Oupa wants to go for dinner , that’s about it …need to catch up on some work stuff also and get the Court papers file sorted ,I am using Ouma’s new Hoover box to store it all in for you can’t believe it’s more than 8000 pages already and we still have a long way to go boys … So as and when you are ready you will have to take a week to sit down and read this all…if you want…

Boys not sure what your big plans are for the weekend but I hope it is safe , warm and fun , I suspect there might be a little bit of tension around you this weekend but you know what people need to know the truth ! People can only hide their real personalities and life style for so long until they get exposed for what they really are … You two will understand this one day ! I think the lesson here is be yourself always , if people don’t like it tuff , but never try and be a two face as it always , always bites you in the end ……

I asked your ‘spokesperson’ if I can see you both on 27 Feb the day before we go back to Court and 20 May on your birthday as I was not allowed to see you for Christmas or New Year , I am sure they will ignore the request again as they did for Christmas but I guess if you give a monkey enough rope he will hang himself ……

Well little boys I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dreamland , can’t wait to give you both a huge cuddle and tell you how much I miss and love you both….

Night , night Champs , sweet happy weekend dreams ….

Miss and love you both big oil tankers full and miss you more …

Love you pals …

Dad xx

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