Daily update for my Boys 28 Dec 2013


Hello little Men !

How are my champs today on this lovely Sunny Saturday afternoon ? I hope very well..

The picture today I saw on Facebook and thought it was very true words thus I wanted to share it with you both……

I just got home , Ouma and I have been on an outing since early this morning , we went to a place with loads of lights and bells … Lol Ouma likes going from time to time , I have not been for years but I must admit I am exhausted .. Lol sure I am going to sleep like a baby tonight ..

Looks like we are going to get a huge storm later today but it was really nice and hot today , I must say I was surprised how few cars were on the road….Guess everybody is on holiday now , so happy days…

Not sure what you two muppets did today but I hope it was fun and lots of happy times…. Don’t have any plans for tomorrow so might just go to the mall to watch a movie , I remember as as child we always use to go watch the new South African comedy movie that came out each year around this time , they were done by a guy called Leon Schuster , I must see if I can get you these on DVD for when you are a little older , parts are in Afrikaans that I guess you will not ever understand but a lot is in English and they are great fun to watch… Will let you know if I am able to get my hands on some of these for you…

Can’t believe it’s only a week then it’s back to work again , my schedule for Jan looks pretty full already , I need to book flight and hotels etc. I guess next week …

I hope you two will have a lovely lazy and relax Sunday tomorrow , I will try and do a video for you tomorrow afternoon again , might even try and see if I can get a Ouma and Oupa to make a guest star appearance … I know they are dying to say hello to you both but not sure if they are camera shy … Lol

I guess you two are still having loads of fun with all your cool new stuff , I still don’t know if you got the train town thing , as I said it was not your Christmas gift but still would have loved to see the smiles on your faces if you did get it, knowing how much you both loved the one I have at my house… I really hope you did get it boys ….

So pals as each and every night I can’t wait to see you both a little later under our big old green tree , might need your rain coats , lol , can’t wait to say hello to you both and give you each a huge double cuddle … And to tell you how much I miss and love you both…

Night , night champs , happy , dry place dreams please !

Miss and love you both THiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssss much , lol maybe you two will know one day what I mean when I say this …..

Love you so much muppets ….

Dad xx

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