Daily update for my Boys 30 Dec 2013


Hello Little Men !

How are my Champs doing this evening ? I hope great !

Sorry I am a bit late , I went to the Mall this afternoon and bumped into some old friends outside the Cinema so ended up going back to their house for coffee , must say I had a good laugh about all the things we got up to at University with all the people we knew … Blast from the past as they say …

Well Pals 2013 is almost done , thus the picture today , I guess 2014 can only be better for us 3 as it can’t be any worse , lol… Not sure if you two understand about the new year yet , but it brings a feeling of hope , new things and leaving the past behind , and I must say I am well pleased to see the back side of this year .. On wards and upwards day after tomorrow !

I hope you to had a fun day , with loads of playtime and fun things , I hope you two have been practising to let out the old year and the new one in ! It’s a very important job , I must admit I have not had much like in this regard but I am sure you two will be brilliant at it and bring us all a great future and a fantastic year !

I am going with a Ouma and Oupa to a family gathering tomorrow , loads of people I have not seen for years so should be fun , all the questions about you two will not be fun but I guess most people are reading your blog now daily so they should be up to date with the facts…

I hope you got the video I did yesterday as it took very long to upload not sure why , seems ok on my side …..

Well boys I hope you will have a great day tomorrow , let’s hope the adult around you are sober enough to make sure you are safe ! …. Not so sure they will be of what I have seen and heard the last couple of weeks but let’s hope they know you two are the priority not them getting “smashed” as normal …..

Boys as each night I hope to see you both shortly under our big old green tree in dream land , so keen to see you both and give you a huge cuddle …..

I miss and love you both so , so much ….

Night , night pals , happy 2014 dreams …..

Love you both more than THiiiiiiiissssssssss much …

Love you

Dad xx

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