Daily update for my Boys 25 Jan 2014


Good afternoon little men!

Hope you two are having a great Saturday afternoon full of fun….

Well pals I was pleased to learn this morning that you got two puppies , makes me smile so much , as I know how much I love animals and what a big part they played in my life while growing up , I am not sure what you got but they must be gorgeous… I got a huge amount of aggression from your care giver and her spokesperson before you both were born as I tried to explain to them that I have always seen my dogs as my babies as they , the same as you both need love , care and attention and turn your adult life upside down but in a good way , they were not having it and called me crazy for loving my dogs with all my heart , I think that shows a little of their true personalities , I was always thought never trust a person that do not like or respond well to animals …boy was that a good lesson….

Boys just please promise you will always be kind, caring and loving to B & B , remember they will give you both total unconditional loyalty , they will always be happy to see you both , no matter what…..take them for walks , let them sneak on to your bed or the sofa , make sure they are safe as they will always be there for you both…….

I would have so loved to see your faces when you saw them for the first time …. Makes me very proud to hear you both are so into them already …… I am sure they are very lucky puppies having you both as companions…..

I went with Ouma and Oupa to put flowers on Jaco’s grave this morning for his birthday ….still makes me smile if you look at all the messages and tributes he gets even 5 years after he is gone on Facebook , as Oupa said this morning he left his mark on the world and on so many people … I think he would have been so proud of you both……

I am not sure when the photo’s were taken that I was sent by your care giver this morning , I know the one with you both being carried by the stranger is about six months old as I got sent that ages ago by a friend of your care giver so I can only assume all the photos are old , but still please to get them …..

Also please know I had NO idea you both have been sick over the last six weeks , due to the hostage situation you both are being held under, I only get to know things when your abductor decides she feels to involve me in your lives , so I hope you both are ok now and doing better , sorry I was not able to send you even a cyber cuddle to help you feel better when you needed it….guess that is how the care givers likes to control the situation , not really surprised as that is how she does most things in her life , just sad you both suffer daily abuse because of it….

Well little men I will see you both as normal under our big old green tree in dream land a little later , I am bringing extra feel good bear cuddles for you both…..

Night , night champs ……happy puppy dreams ….long walks on the beach I hope

Love and miss you both to the moon , stars , sun and all over and back …..

Love you boys …..

Dad xx

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