Daily update for my Boys 28 Jan 2014


Hello little men !

Hope you both are doing really well..

Just got into bed have to be up in a couple of hours for a flight again ! Been a really busy 2 days but all good ! 2 more to go ….. Then holiday for a week need to work on my tan I think , lol

Just want to say a quick hello , and check in to make sure you both are oki doki ,

I hope you both are having lots of fun and playtime , and that you are giving B&B extra snacks , lol

Now news from the Court or the contact centre yet champs so still have no clue what is going on , but I guess we will tackle that next week again…..

Miss you both so much and have lots to tell you …new beginnings and all that …so I am mega excited …..but can’t so much now as the trolls will be all over it and try and stop my plans , but I can promise you it’s all good and should give us much more time as a 3 man family ….can’t wait …. And me being a staty at home daddy , all looks good ….

Well little boys , will see you both under our big old green tree as I have been up for 18 hours and might get 4 hours sleep now …but it’s been fun .. Doing what am doing is dealing people and trying to change the word one father child issues at a time , loving it ….

Love and miss you both truck loads lots of them full … Always ….

Night night , happy dreams of us 3 having some normal fine time in Chester , maybe Thursday when you are at school , will try my best ,,,,can’t promise as they might not let me in , but lest see….

Love you both always ….

Dad xx

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