Daily update for my Boys 29 Jan 2014

Hello little Men ,

Hope you both are doing very , very fine today , lol ( will tell you both the joke one day )

Well here I am sitting on a flight again , must admit I have lost track of how many I have done the past 6 months ,maybe because a lot of them were not just work but other things also…….as you both know….

It’s been a really busy couple of days , 3 cities and 2 flight today only , I hope to be home this weekend , have one more stop to do today / tomorrow , can’t wait to see you both and tell you about all the exciting things going on…..

Not sure what time I will be at the hotel tonight , might get stuck picking up my rent car as I did last time , let’s hope not …

I hope you both are getting your stuff sorted for school tomorrow , no point in leaving it until the last minute pals , as I said last week the less stress you have in the morning the better your day goes in the end , always remember that….

The war office has been dead this week , no rubbish emails from your Solicitor or care giver , guess they have run out of lies to tell, lol , guess that will never happen….they must be trying to work out a new master plan for your hostage keeping….

We should get the Court date for the new applications to stop your spokesperson’s inappropriate contact with you both , that man is bad news as we say boys , no matter how much he tries to pretend and be two faced with people , scares me to know you both are being forced to spend so much time with him , guess he is not a happy camper with what was and is being said about him by his own family on twitter and social media in general , to be honest if I was him I would not show my face in public again , but then again his head is so far up his own backside you were not able to see his face in the first place …lol , I am sure the troll will pass this message on ….

Still no contact from the contact centre also as your Solicitor has said boys , I assume as before she will leave it all until the last day and then blame me if I will not do what she tells me …..it’s still amusing that your care giver claims she has no issue with me seeing you both in jail , but yet she has had since 5 Dec to arrange a jail she liked but instead she and the two face decided to ignore my emails and get “smashed” over the holidays and it seems most of Jan , nothing changes with that lot it seems boys …just breaks my heart that you both even after almost a year is still being subjected to this abuse and Cafcass is supporting it and thinks it’s great ! Still wonder some days what am I missing here , maybe I am the thick freak …not them???

Sorry champs I am rambling , not had much sleep since Sunday truth be told , but as I said , sleep aside I am having lots of fun ….guess something’s you never forget and other is just a born in instinct……happy days as they say …..

Hope you both will have a super day at school tomorrow, hope you get some Sun and fun playtime outside , don’t forget to take B&B for a little walk when you get back , keep some of your dinner for them , am pretty sure they , knowing pups would always be keen for a snack or three , I so hope they make you both smile each time you see them , as it makes me smile just thinking about them and the fact that I now know you both have a true companion and will always be loved in that house by something that has a heart , as before their arrival I had my doubts…..

Well little O’s I need to try and take a nap I think , so as always I will see you both at some point tonight under our big old green tree in dream land , can’t wait cuddle from you both and get a face lick from the pups……

Night , night little men ……..wet , sloppy face lick dreams …..lol

Love you both 38000 feet high and miss you more , much more ….

Love you boys …

Dad xx

2 thoughts on “Daily update for my Boys 29 Jan 2014

    • Hi Abe Soul,

      Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, also thank you for your comment, as I have said before to the readers of this blog we are all entitled to our opinion, as you don’t know me , but I assume you do some of the other people , a story has two sides always, I find it amusing when I get comments like yours and as I said to Emma, happy to share the facts with you as you seem happy to voice your opinion based on a snap shot of a battle that has been going for almost a year now!

      No matter what You think I am , no mother, and I use the term sarcastically , will ever be able to justify keeping a dad from his children to line her pockets with government money because she is to lazy to work !

      Kind Regards

      Phill Ferreira

      Ps, apologies for the slow approval of your comment as I was on flight


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