Daily update for my Boys 31 Jan 2014



Hello Little Men!

Hope you both are doing fantastic on this lovely Friday afternoon….

You two must still be at school, hope you both are having a great day learning and playing with all your little friends….

So much for me sleeping in today , I was awake at 7 am , not sure why , I slept really well…… Ouma and I have been doing the rounds today , when I came back from the airport last night the e-toll thing in my car was beeping like mad, so I had to go check what that was all about this morning , in typical South African style I was told the account was depleted, when I asked why did I not get a text or email as promised to inform me when the balance is low , the customer care guy took great pleasure in telling me the post office is on strike today….I must admit I was puzzled by this as the post office has no control of the email and text notifications I was promised.. Turns out my email on the system is wrong and they have no idea why I did not get a text ….welcome to Africa , serves me right I guess for signing up for it in the first place , I should have done what the rest of the people are doing and just refuse to pay or join at all…

Been able to sort loads of other little things like my bank card etc, was a story and a half but I think I won that one as the account is not even two months old so how can the chip and pin be worn out already ? If I was still using the joint bank account that I had with your care giver that had pages and pages of transactions then I would have believed that , but I have used the account 12 times since Nov.

No big plans here for the weekend , have to try and see the Jenkings 5 , lots of research to do and then Monday the container is being delivered, looking forward to having my stuff again if I am honest, all for traveling light but I think we all need a home or in my case a base, home I assume we 3 will have to sort later…..

I hope you both have plenty of fun plans for the weekend, I hope the weather is good so maybe you can have some fun time outside playing or walking B&B…..

So little champs I wish you both a safe , fun , happy weekend…..

Can’t wait to see you both tonight under our big old green tree in dream land, have huge bear cuddles waiting for you both….

Night night , little O’s , fun weekend dreams ….

Love and miss you both truck loads full as always ………. From Ouma’s sofa today so a little bit more relaxed then the past week……

Love you boys……

Dad xx

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