Daily update for my Boys 30 Jan 2014

Hello little men!

Hope you both are doing great….

Just on my last flight for this week ! Whoooohoooo! Not sure if this will post before I land, if not I am sure you will get it before bed….

I have had such a good week boys , mad busy but all good, things seem to be moving forward well, loads of choices , so this means big decisions the next 2 weeks…. Life changing …. For the better so all good….l

I don’t know what you both did at school today but I hope it was filled with lots of giggles , smiles and plenty of learning….. O and early to bed tonight please as you have school tomorrow again and knowing you both you need to be well rested to be the fun loving little rebels I know you both are….

I have still not heard from the contact centre nor your Solicitor boys, so I am starting to think I might not see you, guess this was part of your care giver and her spokespersons plan all along from 5 Dec, to leave things until the last minute as normal!

O , before I forget I had a comment from a member of your care giver and spokespersons fan club last night when I got back to the hotel, I must admit it is amusing that they keep trying to get people to tell me I am crazy for doing this blog, but as you will see by my response to the blog reader boys I have said from the start I have nothing to hide , I have not forced one person to read your blog , people read it out of choice , if they do not like what I am telling you both daily , why do they keep reading ? I find that all a bit strange but hey that’s people for you , never happy with anything…. Your blog had just over 4000 hits last night when I checked…..

I think tomorrow, once I get up , needs to be a me day … Have lots of little things to sort and know I am going to be busy this weekend with stats and comparisons so think it is best to tackle my To Do List , it’s not getting any shorter that I can promise you both…..

I also need to try and meet Mr Jenkings tomorrow late afternoon if all goes to plan, have not seen the Jenkings 5 for a couple of weeks so would be nice to catch up and hear what they all have been doing…..

Well boys as we are almost at the end of yet one more week that I have not been able to say hello or know if you are ok , just want to tell you both I miss you lots and lots each day , don’t think a minute in a day goes by without me wondering how you both are and what you are getting up to ….

I hope B&B are being good boys and not chewing up all your toys and things , and if they do, remember they are puppies and don’t know any better until you both teach them or ensure that they are sufficiently stimulated to be good little fury friends…. I know it is stupid or even crazy but makes me smile each time I think of you both with them as I know how much you both love animals and how excited you both got on the morning walks in Horsham on the trail when people passed with dogs…… And allowed you both to stroke them and say Hello !

Boys I am going to try and sleep for a bit , so I will see you both now ( if it is your nap time ) or a little later then under our big old green tree in dream land , can’t wait to give you both a dream cuddle ……

Night , night champs , happy dreams of better days……….

Love and miss you both again from 38000 feet , maybe more , lol , we seem to be climbing at this point ….

Love you both always ….

Dad xx

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