Boys a copy of the extend of information I am provided about you both since 24 Dec 2013

Monthly Update as agreed and recorded by HRH Judge xxxxxxxxxxxxxx on the 5th December 2013.
24th January 2014

Hi Phil
Hope you are well, concerned to see you now have Angina and blood pressure problems, you really must be going through a tough time with the <em>Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ( I write ……. I have had Asthma from the age of five and am currently dealing with some maybe unrelated issues — and I am fine ) <!
and your very heavy travel schedule next week doesn't exhaust your too much.

We've had a little bit of a tough time for the last 6 weeks with Illness too, Xxxxxx caught Scarlett Fever the week before Christmas, then Conjunctivitis and then on New Year's Eve the poor little man was covered in Chickenpox, then thinking Xxxxx had it previously last year, we were surprised when last week he was also caught them again, so for the last 3 weeks it feels like our home has been an endless supply of calamine lotion and lots of cuddles.

Xxxxx has been having a little bit of a tough time with his ears unfortunately, both grommets are now out and the Consultant we seen two weeks ago has confirmed that the glue ear is back and he is looking like he may need his adenoids out at some point this year, this is not confirmed, nor planned and he is undergoing further tests including hearing and ultrasounds, but sleepless nights are creeping back in and we need to get this sorted once we are in receipt on the Consultants Reports – i will keep you posted. Xxxxxx has been great, but as you know I have sent an update to the Guardian re his Operation, I do not need to update you further as you were copied in.
Both boys are an absolute joy, they have grown so much and their speech is fantastic, these days we have full on conversations and they even tell me what they'd like for tea and breakfast etc, they really are so much fun and loving their new school and new friends and love the fact that they now get to wear a uniform to school.

We've been shopping this week for new wet suits, goggles and arm bands as Uncle Xxxxxxis starting to give the Children swimming lessons next week. He's a qualified personal trainer and he is absolutely amazing with Xxxxxx and Xxxxxxx they really do adore him and both him and Xxxxxxxxx spend lots of time with the boys.

We had a brilliant Christmas, as usual the boys were extremely spoilt, we now have two little puppies called Barney and Buster, i'm not sure who causes most mess !! But the boys are so in love with them. They were bought bikes for Christmas, the wonderful playhouse we used to admire in Brighton Hospital and so much more, but to be honest, they just want the puppies, so our house in overflowing with toys.

Hope you enjoyed your birthday recording, we had so much fun making it, glad it made your day and they will no doubt look forward to seeing you on the 27th February in Warrington.






Just wanted to share this with you little men , a little bit of your family you have and never will get to meet ….

“You are going to lose people in your life and realise no matter how much time you have spent with them, it will never seem like it was enough” from Allyson Roberts King ,—

A friend of my Brother boys, you two have never met him nor do I think you have ever seen a picture of him , his name was Jaco , tomorrow is his 5 birthday he is not with us anymore ,

The picture below is taken at home a month before he passed away at our Ouma’s funeral , they passed away a month apart, he was the same age as what I am this week…..


Happy birthday Jaco , wherever you are , I am sure the little O’s would have sang to you also if they could …..

Daily update for my Boys 24 Jan 2014


Hello little men !

Hope you two are very well today and have had a fantastic day at school with all your little friends …happy days ….. As it should be …..

Boys your blog has been critiqued by your care giver as a sympathy ploy on my part , I find this a little bit out of order ( and this is my opinion) as I can not see how any normal person, and I use this term loosely , would not have emotions and frustrations if the person has only been “allowed” to see his little men for four times , two hours at a time locked in a room , over a period of almost one year ! , with NO other contact , not Skype not phone ! Nothing , you are not even allowed to know where your little men go to school , have they had an operation , are they ok? , nothing ! , O and you are not allowed to show any emotion when you are “allowed ” to see your children , as that makes you a freak and mentally unstable , I guess to achieve this I will also have to go on anti-depressants , like some people and thus then have Zero emotion or feeling , as the Court and Cafcass prefers this to any form of normal healthy emotion, love and care for your children….

What a great idea , lets just be robots when we are allow to see our children, I think not ! And I personally will never be forced into that mode as it is wrong on so many levels , regardless of what the Court and Cafcass think!

How can that promote a normal healthy relationship between any parent or child , I am sorry but it can’t , and not one person in the world can try and tell me differently.

Boys the “nappy” issue has come up again, one of the girls that went to school with me also disagrees with my opinion / statement , but as I have said , that is what I believe and have been thought , it might be wrong it might be right but I stand by my opinion , maybe it makes me and my extended family freaks , who knows….

Can’t believe the weekend is here again today , I need to pack and sort all my stuff for a pretty heavy travel week next week , but it should be fun and very productive , life changing in fact , so I am mega excited about it ! , will keep you both posted , might be seeing you both sooner than you think….

I hope you two muppets have truck loads of fun plans for the weekend , lots of fun outings and happy times as little men should be having , with or without pull up pant , lol knowing you both I guess running around commando would be your preference….lol mikes me smile……

Have a super duper weekend pals , would have loved to spend some time with you both….

I will see you both a little later then under our big old green tree in dream land , can’t wait for my little pull up pants wearing double O , mega cuddles …..

Night , night boys , happy fun weekend dreams …….

Love you both a billion times to the moon and back and miss you lots more ….

Love you little men…

Dad xx

Email response re our outing on 27 Feb boys , your care giver will only allow us to meet if they lock us in the jail like the past 4 times

Hi Becky,

Thank you for your email ,as I have said you proposed a centre that does outings the court order is silent in this regards , the care giver had since 5 Dec to find a venue she approves of but she refused to acknowledge my contact request even after you all discussed it in court as recorded in the order so I am puzzled by your response.

Kind Regards ,

Phill Ferreira

Sent from my iPad

On 24 Jan 2014, at 14:23, “Rebecca Butterfield” wrote:

Dear Mr Ferreira,

Thank you for confirming that for me. I will await hearing from the Court with a listing date.

In respect of the proposed contact, my understanding is that Mrs Ferreira is not prepared to agree at this stage to contact taking place outside the contact centre. As the order does not state a particular venue for contact (other than Chester area), it will be down to what you and Mrs Ferreira are both able to agree to. You have been able to agree that the contact takes place in Warrington, as a compromise between your respective locations.

It is correct that Core Assets are able to provide supervised outings, and whether or not this is something that can be incorporated in to the order, is an issue to be raised at the hearing on 28th February. However if Mrs Ferreira is not able to agree to outings at this stage, then Core Assets will not be able to provide that service.

I think that the best way forward may be for you to wait until you are contacted by Core Assets, then you can discuss with them the facilities available at the venue they provide in Warrington and any other questions that you have, before deciding if you wish to proceed with the contact that is being offered.

As I mentioned in my earlier email, I submitted the referral yesterday, so hopefully someone will be in touch with you shortly. In the meanwhile, I will send them a quick email asking someone to contact you as soon as possible about the facilities available at the Warrington Venue.

Kind regards

Becky Butterfield
BSG Solicitors

Email from your care giver boys showing her ownership obsession over you both!


Thank you for you email regarding contact on the 27th February.

Whilst I appreciate Ms Greggs notes may say silent, it was very much discussed with Judge Sxxxxxx in Court regarding timings moving forward and all agreed 2 hours would be reasonable, I will of course wait to have this clarified on the 28th February and assume it will have been recorded in the Court Room itself.

I would add that I have absolutely no issues with Mr Ferreira seeing Xxxxxxand Xxxxxand at some point in the future am not opposed to longer sessions and other activities, but my children were left upset after the last episode and still to this day ask why is “Daddy crying”. Mr Ferreira can continue to call me every name under the sun and claim Parent Alienation on his Daily Blog, but my role as Xxxxxxand XxxxxxxMum is to protect them and that is exactly what I am doing at this point, there is no malice or ill feeling involved.

I would therefore like to confirm that 1-3pm is fine and also add on record, especially given the children will potentially be with their Dad for 2 hours that Xxxxxx and Xxxxx are nappy trained, I have been accused of yet again being a bad parent for not having my children nappy trained by the age of 2 and that if they lived in South Africa Social Services would have taken them into Care for this crime !!!! On the last visit Mr Ferreira would have noticed the children were in pull up pants NOT nappies as they were in September at the Lancaster Centre, he should remember as he changed Xxxxxx.However given they are only 2.5 years of age, they are not miracle workers and I WILL NOT ALLOW my children to be bullied if they do not feel safe on a three hour round trip wearing pants, so if the children are in pull up pants for a car journey then so be it….

To Confirm..

I have no issues with photographs being taken.
I have no issues with Gifts being given.
I will happily send packed lunches for Xxxxxxx and Xxxxxx

However I would like to add that I was accused on Christmas Day of forbidding Mr Ferreira to send Christmas Gifts to his Children, yet just one week later he sent wildlife DVD’s to my parents home address, a huge contradiction and whilst perhaps gave him a little more sympathy on his Blog, it certainly is untrue. I was also accused of buying the Children IPADS and allowing them to become part of the under 3 Tablet Generation to which I again can confirm that neither myself or any other member of my family or friends bought them such gift, however Mr Ferreira made the comment that it was his intention to purchase them, so should this be the case, I have no objections. I would like to ask that Mr Ferreira please limit large gifts as there is absolutely no room in the Children’s Play Room.



Boys just so you can see below what your care giver said re gifts, cards and letters as I hear she has changed her story as normal and denies that this is what she said

My email to your solicitor this morning 24 Jan 2014


Hope you are well,

Further to the stupid email from our boys care giver / respondent yesterday , please see your email below with the care givers instructions marked in red , after you consulted her on the subject.

So why has this position now again changes , do you 3 really think I am stupid , crazy and have no short term memory like you 3 seem to have?

I also note on the email re contact the care giver says our boys are asking about me so I assume you as their solicitor will appoint a child psychologist to review the abuse they are suffering under the care giver and Mr.xxxxxxxxxx in regards to your supported parental alienation.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Kind Regards,

Phill Ferreira

PS: I will mail you copies of the C2 application being made to the Court for the release of the psychologist records and also the removal of Mr. Xxxxxxx contact with our boys in light of the information I have provided you and the court that came from his own xxxxxxxxxxxxx I think a risk assessment and psychological review of him is urgently required.

Subject: RE: Psychological assessment
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2013 15:07:07 +0000
From: rb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: phillferreira@xxxxxxxx

Dear Mr Ferreira

Thank you for your email.

Should you lodge an appeal, then no doubt the Judge will make appropriate directions with regard to expert evidence.

I note that you have now received the order made on Friday directly from the Court. No doubt you have noted paragraph 7 of the orders which confirms that if you intend to apply to set the order aside, you may do so on Thursday 5th December at 12noon (subject to you providing confirmation to the Court of your intention and confirming you intention to either attend in person or be represented by 12noon Wednesday 4th December.) No doubt you will confirm your position in due course.

As you can see from the Order, no provision has been made for indirect contact by way of cards and letters etc. Following your email, Mrs Ferreira has confirmed that she is not prepared to accept such correspondence from you. Therefore, the position is as set out in the order that contact may only be by way professionally supervised contact, which may take place quarterly. This is of course subject to you seeking to take up this contact, and funding the same.

Kind regards

Becky Butterfield
BSG Solicitors

10 years on…Fathers 4 Justice Tamar Bridge protester – Jolly Stanesby – Jolly by name, Jolly by nature.

New Fathers 4 Justice - Superhero Dads

In 1588 Francis Drake played his famous game of bowls on The Hoe, Plymouth before joining battle with the Spanish Armada.
In 1620 the Pilgrims set sail from Plymouth’s West Pier aboard the Mayflower for the New World.
In 2004 on a Plymouth bridge Jolly Stanesby escaped the police trap when the police reneged on their word …

23rd January 2004

It’s raining cats and dogs, it’s cool (6°C, 43°F) but Jolly Stanesby is in high spirits.

Jolly says he has a radio, a bottle of wine, enough food and he’s quite cosy. The police have been “as good as gold” since their initial attempts to get him down. All traffic is now flowing freely. Police had closed some lanes when Jolly went up there on Friday Morning.




One listener on a local radio station said “I agree with him but couldn’t he do it on a Sunday”. I guess…

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