So tomorrow is the hearing the Court will not inform me what for …..







So as you all will know by now tomorrow morning at 10 am my boys Oliver James and Oscar Alexander Ferreira is part of a hearing at the High Court Lancaster sitting in Preston and Blackburn by Judge Singleton , the Court told me a week ago about the hearing but refuse to provide the details what it will be about , you have seen the email from Miss Rebecca Butterfield the boys Solicitor saying she has once again been in ” private” consultation with the paid alcoholic drug addicted surrogate of my boys Jayne Elizabeth Ferreira aka Jayne Elizabeth McClure whom was to once again apply to the Court to change the boys Family name as she want to hide the Truth and Mr Peter Morey and the Judge continuous their misconduct in supporting this Child Abuser ! No such application has been issued or received as per normal this is just threats by her and her father Steve McClure to try and intimidate me as they have always tried to do in their efforts to hide the Truth about what they both are ..Child Abusers …nothing more ….

I hear they plan to shut this blog down , I would like to remind them that this blog was started on 6 Dec 2013 after they allowed the paid surrogate to ignore their Court order by which I requested to see my boys on Christmas Day last year …….

This blog will today have more than 12400 views , 575 posts , 385 comments over 235 daily email followers and has been seen in more than 60 Countries now and it has been re-blogged and re-posted on a large number of other sites by the followers that as I, believe in the Truth and transparency of the Family Law System in the UK ….

So all I can say is I wish them luck tomorrow as this footprint and platform is here to stay as my boys Will know the Truth one day …….the whole Truth …

Kind Regards,

Phil Ferreira

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Birth Certificates for Oliver James Ferreira and Oscar Alexander Ferreira


img474 (1)

Hello Little men ,

Please find above your Birth Certificates , should your paid surrogate Jayne Elizabeth Ferreira aka as Jayne Elizabeth McClure , change your Family name I will repost these weekly and tag with both names to ensure you will know the Truth one day ….

I should also get your South African passports in the next couple of weeks so will post those on here also with your copy UK passports I have now and your confirmation of duel citizenship.

Please also note the date in April 2013 when these certificates were issued, the Court and your paid surrogate really underestimate my intelligence .

Love you always Little Men ..

Dad xx

The reason I will NOT take up supervised contact little men…

Your alcoholic drug addicted paid surrogate Jayne E Ferreira , Judge Singleton from Lancaster High Court and Peter Morey from Cafcass Blackburn office says this is in your best interest , I think all these people must be on Drugs ! Or delusional ….


I need some fatherly advice right now…. and i was wondering in you could help me with this torn feeling I’m having. I have supervised visits with my daughters and I love them with everything that I am would gladly go to hell and burn for all eternity just to keep them from ever being hurt again. My dilemma is that it is really hurting me and them going to these visits because they want to come to my house and they dont understand why they cant they are 4 and 2. It hurts so bad hearing them cry daddy please don’t go and I wanna go home with you daddy that I cry the entire 30 min drive home every week. I want to stop the visits until after the court date so that We don’t feel this heartache and have the tears shed anymore but I don’t want to be a bad dad for not seeing them whenever i can please if you have any advice on want I should do please contact me and one day I will tell you my story of why all of this come to light and you WON’T believe it. I have Visitation court in 15 days

By: Admin

Trust me…
….I will believe it.

Supervised visits are pretty standard for dads that become separated or do or end from the mother.

I myself was a loving involved Father for 11 years. A stay home dad and the so called “primary caretaker” for many of those years.

Yet in less then 30 minutes and a judges gavel I was reduced to a visitor to my children.

Only allowed in their presence with a 3rd party monitoring my every move, our every word and documenting it for review and critiqued.

I endured this visitations for an entire year.

An extremely humiliating experience to say the least.

Damaging to the parent/child bond and relationship.

Emotionally draining. Emotional torture to both my children and myself.

Something that should only be required or implemented in my opinion in cases that include actual and Real Abuse beyond a reasonable doubt.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Supervised visits for the Father during a separation are becoming the standard.

With that said.

You need to endure them.

You need to continue them.

If you do not, it is my opinion it will be held against you as not desiring to be with your children.

They will say you do not show interest in having the time they are granting you with your children.

Why should you be allowed additional time?

Others on the page may have a different view.

I will post to the page for additional feedback.


Thomas Fidler


What I asked the High Court for in Feb Little men …….

In The Lancaster High Court Case Number: LA13P00059
24 February 2014
In the matter of the Children Act 1989
And in the matter of Oliver James and Oscar Alexander born 20 May 2011

Between: Whilhelm Philippus Ferreira Applicant
Jayne Elizabeth Ferreira Respondent
Oscar and Oliver Ferreira Second Respondents
(Children by their r16.4 Children’s guardian Peter Morley)
Position Statement for hearing 28 February 2014 by HHJ Singleton QC at the High Court Blackburn.

Statement to confirm goals of Mr. WP Ferreira for this listed hearing

I Whilhelm Philippus Ferreira of a confidential address Will STATE as follows:
I make this statement pursuant to the upcoming hearing on 28 February 2014 listed in front of HHJ Singleton QC in the High Court Blackburn, I have prepared this statement personally and as such it will be submitted to the Court and other respondents by email.

I have now had the opportunity to have sight of the statements from the respondents and as such felt it necessary to clearly set out the goals I would like this listed hearing to achieve in the matter of Contact with our Children.

Further to the final order made by this Court on 29 November 2013 and updated on 5 December 2013 I confirm that I have no objection to the contact being suggested between me and our boys to take place four times per year, the original order does not give clarity on the duration of the suggested contact nor the venue and required agreements to make the proposed contact happen.
As such I would like the Court to clarify this issue and would like to make the following suggestions / requests in this regard;
1. Contact to take place four times a year for 4 to 5 consecutive days, thus allowing the contact to be beneficial to our boys to allow them to develop a normal relationship with me and not cause them distress or confusion on what my role in their lives is in fact.
2. I should be allowed to include my parents, the boys nominated Godparents and or possible new partner in any and all contact relating to our boys.
3. Contact should be allowed unsupervised or by a mutually agreed party by myself and the care giver.
4. As the boys are still young this contact should be allowed for half days, either morning or afternoon or alternated during the 4 to 5 day period whiles I will be in the UK.
5. All contact dates until the age of 6 should be agreed in Court today if possible and recorded in full detail thus allowing me to enforce committal of the care giver should she once again decide to ignore the contact order. After this period I suggest we return to Court to set out the full details for the following 5 years thus limiting the time and costs spent by all parties in making additional applications to the Court.
6. The care giver should not be allowed to remove or travel with our boys from the UK without confirming dates and destinations with myself until our boys are 16 years old.
7. As the boys get older contact should be extended to overnight stays in a hotel once the boys are able to understand the change of environment, I would suggest this is a possibility from the age of 5 or 6 years old.
8. Once the boys start School contact can be arranged during the School holidays but for the next 4 years I do not see the logic of this being only allowed during school holidays and as such will come at a massive premium when you look at traveling costs during the suggested Holiday periods.
9. Skype/ phone contact should be included twice a week for 15 minutes with myself and my parents to help the boys develop a relationship with myself and my extended family which would be normal. As the boys get older the Court order should allow for email contact if the boys choses to do so.
10. Birthdays should be agreed on a yearly alternating schedule thus allowing myself and my family to be allowed to share in special days with the boys.
11. Christmas holidays should be agreed on a yearly alternating schedule thus allowing myself and my family to be allowed to share in special days with the boys.
12. Indirect contact should be allowed by way of post and gift delivery service on the alternating years for Birthdays and Christmas thus once again to allow myself and my family to develop a normal relationship with the boys.
13. By the age of 6 or 7 years old I would like the boys to be allowed to be taken on extended days for Holiday outings within the UK at agreed Holiday parks or venues by myself and my family.
14. By the age of 9 or 10 I would like to be able to travel with the boys to South Africa to allow them to meet their extended family and learn a little of the culture and heritage this Court is depriving them from having as toddlers.
15. I would like to receive copies of all written reports in regards to the boy’s medical issues and Schooling.
16. I would like to be provided with any School or extra-curricular activities thus being given the opportunity to be allowed to show my support and participate should this be practically possible.
17. As the boys get older they should be allowed free and daily contact with me and my family should they choose to do so.
18. By the age of 10 or 12 the Court and Cafcass should allow the boys the option to decide if they would like to continue residing with the care giver or if they would prefer to come and reside with myself.
19. The boys should be allowed to exercise their Human Rights to have South African passports and as such dual nationality ASAP.
20. By the age of 16 the boys should be provided with a full set of documents in regards to this case for them to see the actions and behaviors of both myself and their care giver in their early years.
21. All Schools , Doctors and supplementary care givers should be mutually agreed by myself and the care giver as to ensure that the welfare of the boys are always placed first.
22. Until the boys are of an age that they are able to provide updates themselves I would like to have monthly updates with photo’s but I do not wish to receive this information if the care giver is being forced to provide this by way of a Court order as this would not be fair to expected her to do so long term, as such this needs to be done out of her own free will as a loving and caring care giver wanting to share the achievements and development progress of our boys.
23. I do not want Mr. Steve Mcclure to have any form of contact with our boys until the Court and CAFCASS have done a full risk and psychological evaluation to confirm he is a safe and mentally competent 70 year old to be allowed around our boys as I have very serious concerns about this man that I have continued to bring to the Courts attention since April 2013, but no action or investigation has in fact been done to secure our boys from this man. He should not be allowed after this to drive or be left alone with our boys at all.
24. I would request the Court to put a long term plan in place as stated above thus ensuring that we do not need to return to Court on an ongoing basis to address the issues relating to contact and our boys developing a stable normal relationship with both myself and my family.
25. I would like the Court to ensure that there is NO requirement for contact between myself and the care giver in regards to contact after this hearing or matters relating to our boys. As such I suggest the Court appoints Mr. & Mrs. McClelland the boys Godparents as the only point of contact between myself and the care giver should a requirement arise at any point until the boys are 16 years old at which point they will be able to make the required arrangements with me directly.
26. I would the Court to give consideration to the independent psychological report provided by Mr. Henk Swanepoel when making final directions in this matter.
Kind Regards,

WP Ferreira

Daily update for my Boys 11 Jan 2014



Good afternoon you two !

Hope my Champs are doing well today …..

I have had a bit of a mind numbing day with all the legal stuff I have been sent for our next Court Date in Feb , I am just absolutely overwhelmed with how many children and mums and dads in the UK are having the same battle as us 3 but as I have said if we can make it better or different for one child or adult then it has been worth all the effort.

Its great how much you learn from other peoples cases and see the wrongs in your own when other people point it out to you but as the saying goes the wheel turns be it slowly but it does that I believe with all my heart.

I am also about eight pages into ‘our story’ for the UK documentary I have been asked to participate in I need to try and send the draft outline to the producer chap next week , they have asked if I want my name and face disguised while recording but I have told them I have nothing to hide , should I then end up in jail our case will become a criminal matter which will allow for even more exposure of the family law legal system in the UK , so I guess a small price to pay… O and I can then post it on YouTube for you both to watch one day if you like , maybe it will help you understand that I have and never will give you both up no matter how hard people and the system try……

Hope you two had a fun day doing whatever you might have done …. As long as it was fun and safe then I am happy ….

Can’t believe we are one week further into this mess I guess it will be a year before we know it and I assume we have many , many mores years of this battle still to come the way things stand now …but you know what boys it will all be worth it at the end of the day , just really sorry that you both have to suffer alone with the people who surround you …..keep strong …this too will pass as they say ……

Well my little O’s I hope you two are planning a huge Sunday lunch feast , with a long nap and lots of play time for tomorrow ……will be thinking of you both……

Boys I will see you both under our big old green tree in dream land tonight …. Keep me a nice spot …. Can’t wait for my bear cuddles and smiles….

Night , night little men , happy big Sunday lunch dreams for you both…

Miss and love you both oil tankers full and more …..

Love you pals ….


Daily update for my Boys 10 Jan 2014



Hello little Muppets,

Hope you two are on top of the world today and doing great…..

The two pictures above made me smile , the baby with the dog is six months old and he is now already sitting at the front door at home time waiting for his Daddy …… Reminded me of how happy you two use to be when I got home from work , you would hardly let me get in the door ….happy days , hey little men , but I assume you both again will not have any memory of that any more , if you look in the picture archive on the blog there is a picture of you both sitting on me on the stairs one morning when I came back from a work trip to Turkey, you both would not let me go …. Makes me happy and sad thinking about that , can’t really explain ,guess it is part of my so called personality disorder , or I personally think it’s called being a Daddy who loves his little boys with all his heart…even if the legal system says I am a freak for showing any emotion…..

So I have done absolutely nothing today … Not a thing , well , I did shower , brush my teeth and get dressed , don’t worry , I am not losing it just yet…. But that was the extent of my activities…. I guess that’s all part of my new life as a person devoting his all into trying to get a normal relationship with you both …google is my best friend , lol …..think I am developing iPad thumb …lol

Oupa is still not doing well but is refusing to go back to hospital so Ouma and might have to drag him there later if he stays the same , not sure what is going on but have never seen him like this before , Ouma and I had a good giggle last night as his nurse told us the name of some tablets that will help with his ears so I went to get them yesterday but it says it is for motion sickness so Ouma and I are not convinced they will work but he swears by them as he had them once before … So Ouma is giving them to him 3 times a day , so now this afternoon he tells us he is feeling better but we think that is just a ploy so we don’t take him back to hospital , I know we are joking about it but he is really not well….

I guess you two little monkeys are in school today , if you are I hope you had lots of fun and learned heaps …. Would love to one day again see you both interact with all your little friends also not just us 3 locked in a room with a person watching us ….scary if you write it down , but that’s what we have got for NOW ! …… NOT much longer boys that I promise ……

I hope you two have lots of plans for the weekend and that the weather will be nice and not cold and wet….. So you can maybe go see the outside animals at the Zoo…..would be nice I think…

Still no news about your operation Oliver so as I have said before we are all thinking of you and hope you are safe , in one piece and it all went well or will go well , in our thoughts you both are each day all the time …..

Boys as always I hope to see you both tonight under our big old green tree in dream land …can’t wait to give you both a big mountain bear cuddle …..

Night night , my little Jungle book lovers , sweet jungle dreams ….

Miss and love you both more that the size of the Amazon jungle …..

Love you boys …..always …

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 8 Jan 2014


Hello my little O’s

How are you both doing today ? I hope fantastic……

Well Champs I had a busy day running in and out of meetings and even had time to get my sat nav updated with the right maps so hopefully I will not be driving around blind and on my gut to find places… Lol don’t giggle you two as I told you before all the streets have new names here so it’s been a nightmare to say the least ….

Looks like we are in for a big storm shortly , the sky is grey and the clouds are hanging low and heavy… Think we are in for a cloud burst African style…..

Sorry I said I would do a video for you today but it is so dark and the video quality looks really poor if I try and do it indoors with a light on, the joys of working on an iPad I guess…. So I will try tomorrow again when I get back home…

I wonder what you two muppets have been doing today , this weather reminded me when you came to meet me after work in Uckfield and we went to play in the park near my office before going for tee at McDonalds…fun times hey little men… Maybe one day again who knows…

Ouma and Oupa asked that I say hello from them also and to tell you they miss and love you lots….

I still need to try and get them to make a video for you also …maybe this weekend…

Tried to ring the hospital today Oliver but they kept me on hold for ages , guess they don’t know what to say … I will send them a letter later this week again if they don’t come back to me as I would still like to know that you are well and safe and what they intend to do…. Guess this will end up in yet another court battle to enquire about your well being …. Just know you and Oscar are in my heart and thoughts each day all the time ……..

I need to put some reports together for work tonight so that will keep me busy I guess…

Boys as each and every night that has gone past and that is still to come in the future I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dreamland , remember your raincoats as I think we might need them tonight….can’t wait to see you both and give you both a huge dream cuddle….

Night , night little muppets , dreams of happy times and the future….

Miss and love you both around the world and back a trillion times , no more….

Love you my little men…

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 7 Jan 2014


Hello Champs!

Hope you two are oki doki today …..

The picture today I think is very true , I know it says Nanna instead of Grandad like in our story but I feel the message is the same at the end of the day…

It was a really nice day here again you two muppets would have had so much fun playing outside in the garden or on the drive with your big boy cars ….. I guess by now you both are foot pushing the cars yourselves not like last year in Horsham when you Oliver wanted to sit in the car and Oscar you kept climbing on the back so I could push you both up and down the drive …makes me smile just thinking about it … Was great fun …but again I assume you two will have no memory of those days anymore ….. Breaks my heart to be honest….

I don’t know what you two have been getting up to today but I really hope it was fun , safe and loads of happy times…..

I have had a day just full of email back and forth trying to set up a serious of meetings , it’s funny how once you think you have a clear and logical plan that should work for all parties someone always has to put a spanner in the works ….lol guess we will get there in the end ….

I am going to the City tomorrow for meetings so that should be great fun with all the traffic again, I think I was use to the days here when the traffic was manageable but that sure is not the case anymore ….it also does not help that I still don’t have my sat nav’s new maps and have to use Oupa’s that I think is 7 years old , the issue is they have changed all the street names here the last couple of years so I am a little snookered to be honest ….least I am getting lots of sight seeing and ending up in places I never knew existed …lol

Ouma had a look today in all the Court papers for me Oliver but all it says is you are having your operation in January so I have no clue little man , but just know as I said last night I am thinking of you each day and sending you huge cyber cuddles and hope it all goes well and that you will be ok , I will try and phone the hospital tomorrow but I guess as before they will refuse to speak to me , it’s 4 months now and their legal department still did not respond … So it seems they also support the parental alienation same as the Court and Cafcass….what to do , as they say ….

Sorry pals I think I am rambling , lol , must admit I am tired today …been a long one …

O I will try and do a video update tomorrow night again when I get back home ……

Well little men I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land , keep me a spot as it might be busy tonight you never know …lol, can’t wait for my dream cuddles and smiles….

Night , night monkeys ….. Happy dreams of better days …….

I miss and love you both A380’s full and more ……..

Love you boys …

Dad xx