Daily update for my Boys 8 Jan 2014


Hello my little O’s

How are you both doing today ? I hope fantastic……

Well Champs I had a busy day running in and out of meetings and even had time to get my sat nav updated with the right maps so hopefully I will not be driving around blind and on my gut to find places… Lol don’t giggle you two as I told you before all the streets have new names here so it’s been a nightmare to say the least ….

Looks like we are in for a big storm shortly , the sky is grey and the clouds are hanging low and heavy… Think we are in for a cloud burst African style…..

Sorry I said I would do a video for you today but it is so dark and the video quality looks really poor if I try and do it indoors with a light on, the joys of working on an iPad I guess…. So I will try tomorrow again when I get back home…

I wonder what you two muppets have been doing today , this weather reminded me when you came to meet me after work in Uckfield and we went to play in the park near my office before going for tee at McDonalds…fun times hey little men… Maybe one day again who knows…

Ouma and Oupa asked that I say hello from them also and to tell you they miss and love you lots….

I still need to try and get them to make a video for you also …maybe this weekend…

Tried to ring the hospital today Oliver but they kept me on hold for ages , guess they don’t know what to say … I will send them a letter later this week again if they don’t come back to me as I would still like to know that you are well and safe and what they intend to do…. Guess this will end up in yet another court battle to enquire about your well being …. Just know you and Oscar are in my heart and thoughts each day all the time ……..

I need to put some reports together for work tonight so that will keep me busy I guess…

Boys as each and every night that has gone past and that is still to come in the future I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dreamland , remember your raincoats as I think we might need them tonight….can’t wait to see you both and give you both a huge dream cuddle….

Night , night little muppets , dreams of happy times and the future….

Miss and love you both around the world and back a trillion times , no more….

Love you my little men…

Dad xx

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