Daily update for my Boys 10 Jan 2014



Hello little Muppets,

Hope you two are on top of the world today and doing great…..

The two pictures above made me smile , the baby with the dog is six months old and he is now already sitting at the front door at home time waiting for his Daddy …… Reminded me of how happy you two use to be when I got home from work , you would hardly let me get in the door ….happy days , hey little men , but I assume you both again will not have any memory of that any more , if you look in the picture archive on the blog there is a picture of you both sitting on me on the stairs one morning when I came back from a work trip to Turkey, you both would not let me go …. Makes me happy and sad thinking about that , can’t really explain ,guess it is part of my so called personality disorder , or I personally think it’s called being a Daddy who loves his little boys with all his heart…even if the legal system says I am a freak for showing any emotion…..

So I have done absolutely nothing today … Not a thing , well , I did shower , brush my teeth and get dressed , don’t worry , I am not losing it just yet…. But that was the extent of my activities…. I guess that’s all part of my new life as a person devoting his all into trying to get a normal relationship with you both …google is my best friend , lol …..think I am developing iPad thumb …lol

Oupa is still not doing well but is refusing to go back to hospital so Ouma and might have to drag him there later if he stays the same , not sure what is going on but have never seen him like this before , Ouma and I had a good giggle last night as his nurse told us the name of some tablets that will help with his ears so I went to get them yesterday but it says it is for motion sickness so Ouma and I are not convinced they will work but he swears by them as he had them once before … So Ouma is giving them to him 3 times a day , so now this afternoon he tells us he is feeling better but we think that is just a ploy so we don’t take him back to hospital , I know we are joking about it but he is really not well….

I guess you two little monkeys are in school today , if you are I hope you had lots of fun and learned heaps …. Would love to one day again see you both interact with all your little friends also not just us 3 locked in a room with a person watching us ….scary if you write it down , but that’s what we have got for NOW ! …… NOT much longer boys that I promise ……

I hope you two have lots of plans for the weekend and that the weather will be nice and not cold and wet….. So you can maybe go see the outside animals at the Zoo…..would be nice I think…

Still no news about your operation Oliver so as I have said before we are all thinking of you and hope you are safe , in one piece and it all went well or will go well , in our thoughts you both are each day all the time …..

Boys as always I hope to see you both tonight under our big old green tree in dream land …can’t wait to give you both a big mountain bear cuddle …..

Night night , my little Jungle book lovers , sweet jungle dreams ….

Miss and love you both more that the size of the Amazon jungle …..

Love you boys …..always …

Dad xx

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