Daily update for my Boys 11 Jan 2014



Good afternoon you two !

Hope my Champs are doing well today …..

I have had a bit of a mind numbing day with all the legal stuff I have been sent for our next Court Date in Feb , I am just absolutely overwhelmed with how many children and mums and dads in the UK are having the same battle as us 3 but as I have said if we can make it better or different for one child or adult then it has been worth all the effort.

Its great how much you learn from other peoples cases and see the wrongs in your own when other people point it out to you but as the saying goes the wheel turns be it slowly but it does that I believe with all my heart.

I am also about eight pages into ‘our story’ for the UK documentary I have been asked to participate in I need to try and send the draft outline to the producer chap next week , they have asked if I want my name and face disguised while recording but I have told them I have nothing to hide , should I then end up in jail our case will become a criminal matter which will allow for even more exposure of the family law legal system in the UK , so I guess a small price to pay… O and I can then post it on YouTube for you both to watch one day if you like , maybe it will help you understand that I have and never will give you both up no matter how hard people and the system try……

Hope you two had a fun day doing whatever you might have done …. As long as it was fun and safe then I am happy ….

Can’t believe we are one week further into this mess I guess it will be a year before we know it and I assume we have many , many mores years of this battle still to come the way things stand now …but you know what boys it will all be worth it at the end of the day , just really sorry that you both have to suffer alone with the people who surround you …..keep strong …this too will pass as they say ……

Well my little O’s I hope you two are planning a huge Sunday lunch feast , with a long nap and lots of play time for tomorrow ……will be thinking of you both……

Boys I will see you both under our big old green tree in dream land tonight …. Keep me a nice spot …. Can’t wait for my bear cuddles and smiles….

Night , night little men , happy big Sunday lunch dreams for you both…

Miss and love you both oil tankers full and more …..

Love you pals ….


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