Daily update for my Boys 7 Jan 2014


Hello Champs!

Hope you two are oki doki today …..

The picture today I think is very true , I know it says Nanna instead of Grandad like in our story but I feel the message is the same at the end of the day…

It was a really nice day here again you two muppets would have had so much fun playing outside in the garden or on the drive with your big boy cars ….. I guess by now you both are foot pushing the cars yourselves not like last year in Horsham when you Oliver wanted to sit in the car and Oscar you kept climbing on the back so I could push you both up and down the drive …makes me smile just thinking about it … Was great fun …but again I assume you two will have no memory of those days anymore ….. Breaks my heart to be honest….

I don’t know what you two have been getting up to today but I really hope it was fun , safe and loads of happy times…..

I have had a day just full of email back and forth trying to set up a serious of meetings , it’s funny how once you think you have a clear and logical plan that should work for all parties someone always has to put a spanner in the works ….lol guess we will get there in the end ….

I am going to the City tomorrow for meetings so that should be great fun with all the traffic again, I think I was use to the days here when the traffic was manageable but that sure is not the case anymore ….it also does not help that I still don’t have my sat nav’s new maps and have to use Oupa’s that I think is 7 years old , the issue is they have changed all the street names here the last couple of years so I am a little snookered to be honest ….least I am getting lots of sight seeing and ending up in places I never knew existed …lol

Ouma had a look today in all the Court papers for me Oliver but all it says is you are having your operation in January so I have no clue little man , but just know as I said last night I am thinking of you each day and sending you huge cyber cuddles and hope it all goes well and that you will be ok , I will try and phone the hospital tomorrow but I guess as before they will refuse to speak to me , it’s 4 months now and their legal department still did not respond … So it seems they also support the parental alienation same as the Court and Cafcass….what to do , as they say ….

Sorry pals I think I am rambling , lol , must admit I am tired today …been a long one …

O I will try and do a video update tomorrow night again when I get back home ……

Well little men I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land , keep me a spot as it might be busy tonight you never know …lol, can’t wait for my dream cuddles and smiles….

Night , night monkeys ….. Happy dreams of better days …….

I miss and love you both A380’s full and more ……..

Love you boys …

Dad xx

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