Daily update for my Boys 6 Jan 2014


Hello little men !

Hope you two are doing well….

I have just seen the picture above on Facebook and thought , how true … Makes me sad knowing that is a fact and that I am missing this whole part of your lives…….but what to do as they say ….

I have been on the phone so much today feels like my ear is going to fall off! Feels like I am a telephone marketer , lol ….. But all and all very productive calls all of them.

I was well surprised how quick I was able to sort the stuff at the government this morning , I think getting there and parking was more stressful but least it’s done now..

Been planning all the travels for Jan , I know that sounds easy but trying to book hotels , cars and flights for people coming from different places is not so much fun…. Thank goodness for a switched on travel agent…. I hope to get it all confirmed tomorrow… Then I guess it’s all go for the new project….

Did you two have a nice day at school ? I hope so , must have been fun I am sure..

Oliver I think you have your operation next week but I am not sure of the date , just want to say I will be thinking of you all the time and hope that you will be safe and that it all goes well…. Oscar you need to play nice when Olibear comes back from hospital as I am sure he will be sore so you will have to give his some space to recover , I am not sure when you are going back for your ears but I hope they are doing fine now also…. I am so sorry that I am not there to hold your hands and give you a cuddle ……..breaks my heart……

Been nice and cool here today which was good , I am not coping well with the heat at the moment not sure why , maybe old age , lol don’t giggle you two it happens to all of us ! ……

Well boys I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land ….can’t wait to see you both and know that you are ok ….O and don’t forget my double cuddles please champs …

I miss and love you both so much , this emptiness in my heart just gets bigger each day ……

Night , night pals , happy back to school dreams …..

Love you both a billion trillion times ….

Love you ,

Dad xx

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