Daily update for my Boys 5 Jan 2014


Hello Little O’s ,

How are my little Champs doing today ? I hope very , very well…

The picture today is care Oupa and Ouma .. It looks like you two I thought , Oupa said he can’t wait to go ride with you both on his bike …. Or yours for that matter…..

I think you are almost at the age now that you will start giving the trike ago by yourselves not just sit and try and move the steering wheel like you use to do in Horsham when we walked up to go feed those 2 goats and the ducks on the fishing farm … Great memories but I guess you both have now long forgotten about those days …….

O I am doing not so well to get my wifi thing sorted , went today and now Vodacom is shut today so I assume they are still offline … Not good but what to do as they say ….lol

Was my last morning today of only getting up after 8 am , realised today that it has now been more than 10 days since I wore shoes or a watch , been flops , short ant T shirts all they way , guess that’s what holidays are all about…..

It’s once again a great Summers day here not to hot but bright clear blue sky’s ….makes the world seem a better place days like these …… Really hope you two get to experience it one day …… I guess we can dream , hey boys ……

I take it you two are having a fun filled lazy day at home today … Hope you are having a blast ! ….

I see you two are also now part of the under 3 iPad / tablet generation , want to get you both iPad mini’s when I maybe get to see you in Feb but looks like you are sorted with that already so I guess I will have to come up with a new plan ….lol

I have a busy day tomorrow lots of running around in town with Government departments , not as much fun as it sounds , lol that I can promise you boys …. But it has to be done, at least all the bank stuff in now sorted so progress has been made , even over the holidays ….

I hope you two will have a very nice , fun and busy day at school tomorrow , sure it will be nice to see all your little friends and teachers again … Lots of happy learning pals ….

Boys from tomorrow I will be writing later in the evening so hope to catch you both before bedtime , but let’s see how the day goes …

As each night boys I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land , so looking forward to my double O dream cuddles ….

Miss and love you both more then you will ever understand …..

Night , night muppets happy back to school dreams …..

Love you both more than ThiiiiiiiSssssss much ….

Love you boys …

Dad xx

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