Daily update for my Boys 6 Jan 2014


Hello little men !

Hope you two are doing well….

I have just seen the picture above on Facebook and thought , how true … Makes me sad knowing that is a fact and that I am missing this whole part of your lives…….but what to do as they say ….

I have been on the phone so much today feels like my ear is going to fall off! Feels like I am a telephone marketer , lol ….. But all and all very productive calls all of them.

I was well surprised how quick I was able to sort the stuff at the government this morning , I think getting there and parking was more stressful but least it’s done now..

Been planning all the travels for Jan , I know that sounds easy but trying to book hotels , cars and flights for people coming from different places is not so much fun…. Thank goodness for a switched on travel agent…. I hope to get it all confirmed tomorrow… Then I guess it’s all go for the new project….

Did you two have a nice day at school ? I hope so , must have been fun I am sure..

Oliver I think you have your operation next week but I am not sure of the date , just want to say I will be thinking of you all the time and hope that you will be safe and that it all goes well…. Oscar you need to play nice when Olibear comes back from hospital as I am sure he will be sore so you will have to give his some space to recover , I am not sure when you are going back for your ears but I hope they are doing fine now also…. I am so sorry that I am not there to hold your hands and give you a cuddle ……..breaks my heart……

Been nice and cool here today which was good , I am not coping well with the heat at the moment not sure why , maybe old age , lol don’t giggle you two it happens to all of us ! ……

Well boys I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land ….can’t wait to see you both and know that you are ok ….O and don’t forget my double cuddles please champs …

I miss and love you both so much , this emptiness in my heart just gets bigger each day ……

Night , night pals , happy back to school dreams …..

Love you both a billion trillion times ….

Love you ,

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 5 Jan 2014


Hello Little O’s ,

How are my little Champs doing today ? I hope very , very well…

The picture today is care Oupa and Ouma .. It looks like you two I thought , Oupa said he can’t wait to go ride with you both on his bike …. Or yours for that matter…..

I think you are almost at the age now that you will start giving the trike ago by yourselves not just sit and try and move the steering wheel like you use to do in Horsham when we walked up to go feed those 2 goats and the ducks on the fishing farm … Great memories but I guess you both have now long forgotten about those days …….

O I am doing not so well to get my wifi thing sorted , went today and now Vodacom is shut today so I assume they are still offline … Not good but what to do as they say ….lol

Was my last morning today of only getting up after 8 am , realised today that it has now been more than 10 days since I wore shoes or a watch , been flops , short ant T shirts all they way , guess that’s what holidays are all about…..

It’s once again a great Summers day here not to hot but bright clear blue sky’s ….makes the world seem a better place days like these …… Really hope you two get to experience it one day …… I guess we can dream , hey boys ……

I take it you two are having a fun filled lazy day at home today … Hope you are having a blast ! ….

I see you two are also now part of the under 3 iPad / tablet generation , want to get you both iPad mini’s when I maybe get to see you in Feb but looks like you are sorted with that already so I guess I will have to come up with a new plan ….lol

I have a busy day tomorrow lots of running around in town with Government departments , not as much fun as it sounds , lol that I can promise you boys …. But it has to be done, at least all the bank stuff in now sorted so progress has been made , even over the holidays ….

I hope you two will have a very nice , fun and busy day at school tomorrow , sure it will be nice to see all your little friends and teachers again … Lots of happy learning pals ….

Boys from tomorrow I will be writing later in the evening so hope to catch you both before bedtime , but let’s see how the day goes …

As each night boys I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land , so looking forward to my double O dream cuddles ….

Miss and love you both more then you will ever understand …..

Night , night muppets happy back to school dreams …..

Love you both more than ThiiiiiiiSssssss much ….

Love you boys …

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 4 Jan 2014


Hello Little Muppets !

I hope you two monkeys are doing great and that the weather is a little better today !

It’s again not as hot here as what they said , that’s a good thing but it might still be coming….

Oupa has been in the garage today the whole day working on the lift for his bike-camper trailer thing , it’s looks pretty good now , least he does not need electricity to work it so all good …

Ouma has just been messing around in the house today not much news I am afraid.

I have been to go try and recharge my Vodacom wifi thing but the network has been down for two days so not much luck with that , I assume I will have to go to the mall to try tomorrow again..

Ouma decided we are going to braai tonight rather then go for a meal so I am looking forward to that , I must say I think I have had more red meat in the past 3 weeks as what I have had in 5 years before , lol , welcome to Africa as they say ….

The TV here has gone mad with back to school adds , as next week is the start of the new school year , we don’t start in September like you do in the UK as we have Summer Holidays in December , I think it better to start a school year with the calendar year , makes more sense …

Boys I hope you are having a fun and creative day with lots of smiles and happy times … I assume you are back in school on Monday also again , so you need to make the most of your last little bit of wild fun time …but I guess for you now school is just as much part of your wild fun time as any other normal day ……

Tomorrow is my last day of relaxing , I must say I am looking forward to getting back to work and some form of normality after the turmoil of the last 11 months …. Keeps me going and focused ….

I assume the last bit of sensitive information that I have provided to the Court yesterday they have decided to not share with all the parties due to the risk it poses to some of the people involved …I am sure I will get the back lash at some point but I know it was the right thing to do to protect you both from unsavoury people who form part of your lives at the moment.

Champs I miss you both so much today , was looking at the couple of pictures I have from you over the past month or so , can’t believe how much you have grown , can still hear your voices and the chats that day at the Cafcass office , shouting Dad , when you both saw me in the hall , brings a tear to my eye to be honest just thinking back now ….memories I guess that is what us 3 have , at least they can never take that away from us , hey boys !

Pals I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land , so keen to see you both and give you each the biggest bear cuddle in the world ever……

Night , night little men , happy dreams of us 3 having some fun one day …..

Love you both around the world and back and miss you a billion times more …

Love you my little O’s….

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 1 Jan 2014






Hello my little O’s

Hope you two have had a great start to 2014 …..

Well as you can see I have had a busy day on the blog , learned loads… Had some very interesting emails about a Channel 4 documentary being done re Family Law in the UK and child contact , looks like this will be a great way for us to promote our fight for a normal relationship…..

I am so surprised about all the random support that is coming in for this battle , your blog had 2002 visitors today an all time high for the 4 weeks since I started doing it , it just shows me how many people care about you and love you and how many people ,mums and dads are going down the same road and have the same issues ….. Least we are not alone , hey boys ….

You will see the video of the young lady that is now living with her Dad for 2 years , I must say it brought a tear to my eye , yes I know I am a softy … Lol ,maybe one day boys … Who knows….

Well since I got up this morning I have been dealing with all the posts , emails and YouTube links I have been sent … Looks like this is now becoming a full time job for me , but you know what if our fight helps one other child to have a normal stable relationship with his or hers mum or dad then it’s all been worth the effort …. We as mums and dads and children who are living these battles are the only people that will be able to bring the change by speaking up and to continue the fight no matter what … Always remember that ….

So I assume you to monkeys have had a lazy day also playing at home or maybe you went to the Zoo again , whatever you did I hope it was mega fun and safe ……

O before forget in added a couple of pictures I have been sent which I thought was very appropriate to out situation … Hope you both also think the baby ones are a little funny … I did , lol

I guess you would have received the wildlife DVDs by now , I really hope you both like them….

Well little champs as always I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land … Can’t wait to give you both a huge jungle bear cuddle and wish you a happy new year again and tell you both how much I miss and love you … Always in my thoughts each minute of each day ….

Night , night little Lion King fans , sweet happy jungle dreams ….

Love you both so , so much ….. Miss you champs ….

Dad xx