Daily update for my Boys 1 Jan 2014






Hello my little O’s

Hope you two have had a great start to 2014 …..

Well as you can see I have had a busy day on the blog , learned loads… Had some very interesting emails about a Channel 4 documentary being done re Family Law in the UK and child contact , looks like this will be a great way for us to promote our fight for a normal relationship…..

I am so surprised about all the random support that is coming in for this battle , your blog had 2002 visitors today an all time high for the 4 weeks since I started doing it , it just shows me how many people care about you and love you and how many people ,mums and dads are going down the same road and have the same issues ….. Least we are not alone , hey boys ….

You will see the video of the young lady that is now living with her Dad for 2 years , I must say it brought a tear to my eye , yes I know I am a softy … Lol ,maybe one day boys … Who knows….

Well since I got up this morning I have been dealing with all the posts , emails and YouTube links I have been sent … Looks like this is now becoming a full time job for me , but you know what if our fight helps one other child to have a normal stable relationship with his or hers mum or dad then it’s all been worth the effort …. We as mums and dads and children who are living these battles are the only people that will be able to bring the change by speaking up and to continue the fight no matter what … Always remember that ….

So I assume you to monkeys have had a lazy day also playing at home or maybe you went to the Zoo again , whatever you did I hope it was mega fun and safe ……

O before forget in added a couple of pictures I have been sent which I thought was very appropriate to out situation … Hope you both also think the baby ones are a little funny … I did , lol

I guess you would have received the wildlife DVDs by now , I really hope you both like them….

Well little champs as always I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land … Can’t wait to give you both a huge jungle bear cuddle and wish you a happy new year again and tell you both how much I miss and love you … Always in my thoughts each minute of each day ….

Night , night little Lion King fans , sweet happy jungle dreams ….

Love you both so , so much ….. Miss you champs ….

Dad xx

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