Daily update for my Boys 21 Dec 2013


Hello Little O’s ,

How are my champs doing today ? I really hope well..

Justine posted the picture on her Facebook yesterday , thought it was very appropriate to our 3 ‘s situation…. Maybe one day boys ……

So what have you two done on this great Saturday ? Maybe you went to the Zoo or the soft play or maybe you have just been clowning around at home in your playroom.. Whatever you did I hope you had a fantastic time … Full of smiles and happy times….

I had a very nice night with Brett and Sanet last night, was great seeing them again , I think they would love to meet you both one day also , you never know ….

Tomorrow I am going for brunch with the Jenkings family and all the little ones , looking forward to seeing Maddison and the twins Liam and McKenna, Liam makes me smile so much as all he wants to do is play with a bucket of water and a brush and then he just keeps cleaning stuff all the time he is such a cutie, McKenna is a little bit more reserved but lovely , I can’t believe how big Maddison is now , I think when mum and I saw her last she was a little older then what you both are now , she is gorgeous…. We said we will go somewhere where the little ones can play and run wild while we have brunch , so should be great fun…..

I did not get up to much today , had a bit of a late start , just felt like I needed to sleep a bit later ,I guess holiday mode is starting to set in , which I guess is not so bad thing after all the events of the last year……

I hope you two are being good boys and that you have your carrots , biscuits and milk on standby for the big visit next week …. Not long now ….. I wonder if you two realise , I guess you are old enough this year to know something fun and festive is happening next week ….

I saw Daniel had a school play at his school , made me think if you two had one at school before the shut down , would have so loved to see your little smiles while you were performing or even just see your faces light up while the older kids performed……I guess not meant to be …..

Well boys I hope you are warm , happy and well looked after ……

As always I shall see you both a little later under our big old African tree in dream land , can’t wait to give you both a huge cuddle……

Night , night pals , happy place dreams please ….

I miss and love you both more than you will ever know I guess….

Love you little men…

Dad xx

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