Daily update for my Boys 22 Dec 2013


Hello Boys

How are my champs doing on this lovely lazy Sunday afternoon ? I hope oki doki ….

Well I just got back from brunch with the Jenkings 5 , lol and David and Claire and their two little men , haven’t seen them for years , the stay in Denver now… The little Jenkings 3 was well excited about the gifts I bought them , but I have said they can’t open them until Christmas Eve , lol don’t think it will work but hey I tried , was lovely spending time with them all and seeing all the little ones play at the huge play area and emptying their mum and dads wallets of R 5.00 coins for the play ball vending machine …. Reminded me of the machine you two loved to mess around with at the soft play we use to go to on Sunday mornings , with James and Katherine and Harrison,

I wonder if you have seen Harrison since you left Horsham ,makes me smile when I think how he wanted to go on the soft play holding my hand and you Oliver just wanted to go with James down the big slide , Oscar I use to smile so much as you were dead happy playing on the ground level , I guess that’s all changed now and you must have become a bit of daredevil yourself … Guess I will never get to see or experience those type of moments with you two again ,thanks to mum and Steve and their big plan to brake our bond ……

O before I forget mum emailed me or I guess Steve at 3 am this morning with some elf electronic greeting card but I am not able to open it on my iPad , not sure what it was or what it was about and why all of sudden , mum or should I say Steve her official spokes person decided to email me , but when I email them to ask about you both and Oliver’s operation they ignore me , so I guess they need to decide if we are communicating or not , I personally want nothing to do with either of them in my life again seeing that they will not even allow me now to see or get pictures of you both… But you know what boys however hard they try they can’t erase my memories or my heart , I know they would love to but that is one thing neither of them can ever do , please always remember that they can’t do it to you either how ever hard they try….

Your blog had more than 1500 visitors yesterday , makes me so proud to know that there is so many people all over the world that care and love you both although some of them have and I guess will never meet you , you had 69 people just from Ireland yesterday ….

I digress , the picture today made me smile , hope it shows you both that sometimes we do things in our own way in Africa … No reindeer needed lol …. Hope you two find it a little funny also…

Well boys I hope you had a nice fun ,safe happy day whatever you did , and I hope that the next couple of days will be great fun full of excitement waiting for Santa ,sorry that I am not allowed to share in any of it with you … Maybe one day boys … Who knows….

So boys as always I hope to see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land …. Can’t wait to hold you both for a little bit and tell you that I love you….

Night, night pals , sweet happy place dreams as always …..

I love and miss you both mega huge big truck loads full … Always….

Love you champs …..

Dad xxx

Ps , Ouma asked that I send you the picture below and a huge cuddle from her and Oupa also xx


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