Daily update for my Boys 20 Dec 2013


Hello Muppets ,

How are my champs doing on this lovely day ? I hope well….

I must say boys if I do not see the inside of a shop again until next year I would be very happy indeed … Lol , guess it’s all part of the holidays , seems that everybody that have nothing to do is doing it in the mall….lol

I am going for dinner tonight with my friends Brett and Sanet at a very nice little Italian in Brooklyn , am looking forward to seeing them as I have only been able to catch up once with them since I have been in and out of South Africa so much the past two months.

I hope to see the Marx and Jenkings families also before Christmas so I can do my Santa drop for all their little ones …. Guess they are the only little ones I can spoil a bit this year seeing that I am not allowed to spoil you both or even send you a little gift as per mums instructions … As I said I will keep the I owe you’s until we meet again and then I will try and make it up to you both as best as I can.

I wonder what you two have been doing today …. I have this picture in my head of mum trying to get you two to sit in the shopping trolley at Tesco but you two are not having it and want to explore and look at all the cool things in the shop …..part of being little boys , so I am sure a little bit running wild in public is not the worst thing in the world , hey boys …. As long as you are safe and having a giggle … All good !

Can’t believe it is weekend again , the weeks are flying by , can’t believe it has already almost been a month again since I saw you both or were allowed to speak with you … Breaks my heart if I am honest as I know you are growing and changing so much each day and I am missing it all because mum and Steve says so , really , really sad if you ask me , but hey I guess by now I should know I have no say when it comes to you both as this is what Steve makes mum do to ensure she can live of him because she does not want to work and would rather let Steve run her life and yours …

I also find it very amusing that Steve is still getting your Aunty Sheila to follow your blog by email , and this after I told her I want nothing to do with any of them in my life again when she tried to add me as a friend on Facebook again after I deleted her,maybe when you are a little older you can show them all that your blog is now ranked number 1 on google and bing so they all can just go to the page and read it, same as I can see who reads it daily , for people that don’t want me to have contact with you they sure all are great followers of your blog , lol guess I must have known they will keep stalking me online as they have done over the past 10 months.

Well boys whatever you both have planned for the weekend I hope it’s fun and safe , I hope you have a warm meal that’s not out of a microwave as that is all you ever got from mum as she always said she has no time …. Always time for a glass of wine or large Brandy ,but never time for a home cooked meal for you two …. Guess that will never change ….. Really sorry you both are stuck in this horrible unnatural environment mum and Steve is hell bent on keeping you in….

Boys as always I can’t wait to see you both a little later under our big old green tree , so I can see you both are safe and looked after , can’t wait to give you both a huge cuddle and tell you that I love you both so very much….

Night , night pals sweet happy place dreams of us 3 getting to spend some normal time one day ….

Love you both to the moon and back and miss you more ….

Love you boys ….always

Dad xxx

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