Daily update for my Boys 19 Dec 2013


Hello little O’s ,

How are my champs today ? I hope fantastic…..

Boys the picture is care of Ouma again , she thought you two would enjoy seeing the lioness with her two little cubs( we named them Oscar and Oliver)Makes me sad knowing you two will never get to see or experience scenes like that in its true sense in places like the Kruger National Park where these pictures are taken… I must say it is one of the most humbling experiences being so up and close to wildlife in their natural environment…. Maybe one day hey boys , who knows what the future holds for us 3.

I went with Ouma today to the hospital again, I guess this was her last trip now for this year…made me smile as the service level seems to be just as poor as the NHS , but I guess in the UK you can’t complain as you get it for free, not so much the case here … But again I guess that’s Africa things get done on African time …lol

Ouma then took me to this huge butchery near the hospital for some biltong , I think mum went with us once also before you two were born , the shop is full of old antique things , loads and loads of toy cars from all over the world , I think you two would have gone mad for it and would have had such a fun time playing around with all the cool stuff….

Also got the email confirmation yesterday that my container have now left the UK , looking forward to unpacking my stuff as I have been living out of a travel bag now since 4 October already … I am all for traveling lite but I guess you always need or look for stuff when you can’t get to it… Lol

I am sorry but your other train table town thing I guess you will now never get to see again as it was packed in the container … Will have to see in Jan when I get the container who has space and little ones that will love and enjoy it as much as you two did ….don’t worry I will make sure it goes to a good loving home , at least that way it will bring some joy to a little one…..

It’s quite cool here today , it rained all of last night again, still think you two would have had so much fun here this time of the year. Oupa had a bee in his bonnet this morning that we should go to the beach for a couple of days next week but I must admit Ouma and I are not sure that is the best idea this time of the year as the holiday towns are crazy busy this time of the year and just way to over crowded ….

So not sure what you two muppets have been doing today but I am sure it was full of fun and smiles …. I hope you two are being good boys for mum because that’s what Santa checks on before he comes to see you next week… I hope as I said yesterday you got some extra carrots for Rudolf and his friends … O and some Amarula for Santa , maybe not the best idea , sorry ,milk maybe a better options as I am sure Santa will not see a drop of the Amarula if mum knows it’s in the house , lol

Well boys I hope you are safe , happy warm and well looked after …. I will see you both again tonight under our big old green tree in dream land … Can’t wait to give you both the biggest double bear cuddle in the world and to tell you both how much I love and miss you …

Night , night pals , happy festive dreams….

I miss and love you both truck loads full…..

Love you champs …

Dad xx

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