Daily update for my boys 18 Dec 2013


Hello little men!

How are my little pals today ? I really hope well..

Well today a week Santa is coming to visit you both…. I bet you two are so excited … Would have loved to share in it with you both , but I guess that is not meant to be….

Boys you two missed such an amazing storm here last night , I can’t remember ever seeing rain like that ever in my life , we were sitting outside on the patio and it felt like we were inside a cave behind a waterfall that’s how heavy the rain was , everything feels so clean , fresh and bright today , it’s amazing , not sure why rain lifts our spirits so much in Africa but people seem happier and more energetic today as the day before , always amuses me to see….

I went to the mall today for some shopping , must admit not the best idea of the day , parking was a nightmare but then once I got inside the mall it did not seem that busy , so not sure where all the people were , lol…

Ouma’s cleaner is here now today I guess for the last time before the Christmas break so the house is turned upside down to get ready for Christmas , I guess Ouma’s biggest concern is laundry as she does not iron , lol , I guess that is an African thing again , must admit I have never touched an iron in my life either , I guess you two growing up in the UK with a mum that wants to live of state benefits you two will never have the luxury of having home support….

So I guess you two must just be clowning around getting ready for Santa now , whatever you two are doing I hope you are having loads of fun and lots of Christmas spirit ….

I guess mum would have gone to get you your new pj’s for Christmas Eve as she likes to do , never got that one to be honest but I guess we all have our silly family traditions , just so sorry you two will never get to share or experience any of my family … Maybe one day when you both are old enough to stand your ground against mum and Steve …

I still have not heard from your Solicitor to confirm if she has received the new court applications but at least the court has confirmed they got it so I assume all is in hand for round two of the contact battle to begin in Feb next year.

Well little boys I miss you both extra today not sure why , I guess it’s the realisation of being a week away from Christmas and I know I will not be allowed to see you or speak to you to wish you both a very Merry Christmas…. Going to be a hard couple of days … But I guess onwards and upwards and hope for some resolution on seeing you both in a normal environment one day…..

As always my little champs I hope to see you both a little later under our big old green African tree for our daily dream land meeting , can’t wait to hold you both and tell you how much I miss and love you both each day ……

Night , night little pals sweet warm happy Santa dreams , O and don’t forget you need to start getting your carrots ready for Rudolf , sure he will be starving by the time they hit Chester next week…

I love you both huge Santa slays full………

Love you little men….

Dad xx

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