Daily update for my Boys 17 Dec 2013


Hello Little Men!

How are my Champs doing today? I hope great…

The picture is care of Ouma again as she knows how much you both love Lion King , I need to try and see if I can get you the DVD in Zulu , I remember I went to the premiere in Pretoria when I was at university with friends , strange I still remember the chills from the surround sound in the cinema …. Funny how you remember silly little things like that, in total I think I must have seen the movie more than 20 times , lol , I guess you two must have well exceeded my record by now….

Well boys all the Court stuff is done and posted and emailed , the Court has already confirmed that they have received all six the emails , lol yes I know six is a lot but it is once again so many pages of evidence it was the only way of emailing it in batches…. So I guess now it is wait and see again what the future holds for us 3 and our possible relationship. Well I guess to be honest it can’t get any worse than what we have now ……

So what have you two silly Billy’s been doing today ? It’s such a nice day here again you two would have loved it , I guess the UK is not so great at the moment but I hope you both are wrapped up warm and cosy and at least able to have some indoor fun at the soft play …. You might even have a white Christmas as we had not seen any snow the past 2 years over the holidays … Should be fun to make a snow man again like we did in Feb this year in Horsham after that big snow , lol I still remember how cold you little hands were with the gloves but you did not want to come inside and just wanted to keep jumping on the soft snow ….. Good times hey boys …. Maybe one day again who know …. Let’s hope ….

So I am done with work now I think until next year , as I said I am looking forward to a good break after all that has gone on this year , just makes me really sad that I am not given the opportunity by mum to spend a little quality time with you both over my holidays …. I guess all part of her plan to make sure you two don’t know who I am , a bit silly and sad if you ask me , but hey that’s mum her way or no way as always……

Well little pals I really hope to see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land … Can’t wait to hear all about your day and give you both a double bear cuddle up side down… Makes me smile just thinking about it …. See you both a little later…

Boys I miss and love you both so , so much , please always know that…

Love you both ThiiiiiiiiiSsssssss much and more ……

Love you champs always….

Dad xx

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