Bishop’s Cleeve dad scales Westminster Abbey in New Fathers 4 Justice protest

New Fathers 4 Justice - Superhero Dads

Witney New F4J (1)

‘New Fathers 4 Justice’ Activists Bobby Smith, 33, from Stevenage and James Dennis from Bishops Cleeve, have this evening scaled Westminster Abbey in a fathers day protest.

 According to a press released issued by the group, New Fathers 4 Justice (NF4J) is a splinter group and not associated with Matt O’Connor or Fathers4Justice UK

A spokesman said: “Loads of tourists are taking pictures. They’ve closed the gates and a helicopter is hovering overhead.

“Bobby has his ‘Give Me Back Elmo’ banner ….which are the first two letters of his two daughters names EL and MO.

“Fathers day is an emotional time for fathers denied access to their children.”

Bobby who stood as Muppet Elmo in the Witney constituency in the general election said: “I’m trying to get David Cameron to address the matter of family law. It’s a huge problem. There is lots that needs changing, but one of…

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One thought on “Bishop’s Cleeve dad scales Westminster Abbey in New Fathers 4 Justice protest

  1. Consider this.. what if this is not a “war on Fathers” OR a “war against women”. What if what we are experiencing in family court is a war on family itself. Both mothers and fathers are reporting the sames types of systemic failures and corruption in family court: wrongfully being denied contact with children, court orders creating parental alienation or traumatizing children, abusers and unfit parents gaining custody, and violations of various laws, the denial of parental rights as outlined in the Constitution.

    Consider this… what if the family courts and the organizations behind them are exploiting parents who are hurting, and upset over the loss of their children to further their own agenda. Men and women are now fighting each other rather than addressing the corruption, and systemic failures.

    I am so sorry for any parent, male or female, estranged from their children. We have alot of people working towards reform — intelligent, motivated people with different skill sets and talents. We need to work together to address the issues, not against each other. We cannot ask for any meaningful changes until the court climate itself changes, and until the court truly represents justice.

    Thanks for raising awareness!


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