Daily update for my Boys 27 April 2014






Good evening Little Men!

How are my Champs doing today ? I do hope very well indeed!

Well I must say today felt like a Sunday , lol yes , yes I know it is Sunday but with it being Bank Holiday tomorrow it will be Sunday once more …..

I had a fair bit of work stuff to sort this morning and then the rest of the day has just been chilling on the sofa ! Ouma brought some chocolate cake today , can’t remember when last I have had that …don’t stress she did not bake it herself …lol , she went shopping for snacking things it seems , must be the winter munchies that got the better of her today …. ๐Ÿ™‚ guess it beats the red bull and cheese I keep in the fridge ….lol

I guess I have a couple of days of some proper food and then it’s back to room service for the next month ….. Or breakfast bars during the day when I am out and about ! I am looking forward to a nice extra large moca from Costa each day again …..

I had to look for some documents in all the paper boxes that came from the UK , I must say I was surprised how much legal paperwork I am storing for you muppets already …… Not good , but what to do as they say ……

O I see Facebook had an issue last night and this morning as I am getting news feeds from all the pages that seems to be about 12 hours old , thus not sure what that is all about , Ouma said she had the same issue this morning ……

Boys as we start yet one more week without me being able to see you both or say hello I just want to wish you a happy week at school , full of learning , plenty of giggles and many , many new little friends ……

Have fun , smile and play as if there is no tomorrow as little men should ….

As always pals I will see you tonight under our big old green tree in dreamland ….. Big dream bear cuddles and smiles later please ….

Night , night Champs , dream big , anything is possible if you want it enough …..

Love you both big ships full and miss you more than all the water in the ocean…….

Love you Little Men….always ….

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 26 April 2014





Good Afternoon Little Men!

I wonder how you both are doing today ? I hope very , very well…

It’s been a really nice day here today again a little cool but bright and sunny , I have been out this morning to collect all my shirts that have gone in for folding and pressing , so that’s done ready for part 1 of the next adventure …..

I am feeling a lot better today as yesterday , don’t know why my blood pressure is dropping so low at the moment , it was at a all time low last night , I was in bed at 8 pm already as I was exhausted …… It just does not seem to go above 100 on the high one anymore , maybe old age ! Lol don’t giggle you two, we all get old at some point …….

I need to sort all the files I need to pack and print tomorrow I think , thus looking forward to lots of paper cuts again …. ๐Ÿ™‚ or maybe I should go get some rubber gloves ….lol

O before I forget I see your solicitor has gone on maternity leave yesterday , nice of her to tell us that she is now going to be gone for a year but not telling any of us whom will be taking over your case , it just shows you as I have said all along she has no regard for you both , you are just another family that gives her loads of money from the UK government for NOT doing her job ! Don’t know who is worse her Rebecca Butterfield or Peter Morey from Cafcass Blackburn office ……

Well my little Champs I do hope you both are safe and well and having a nice weekend with lots of playtime and plenty of fun with B&B , maybe ….

I can’t wait to see you both later tonight again under our big old green tree in dream land …..looking forward to my Little O’s dream cuddles and smiles …..

Night , night Little Men ……sweet dreams of better safer days …..

Love you both truck loads full and miss you bigger trailers full….

Love you , Champs ….always …

Dad xx

FAQ Friday โ€“ What is a Narcissist Thinking When They Discard You?

Hi Kim , thank you for a great post once again …. Have a nice weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

By the time the Narcissist begins to discard you, the gig is pretty much up.ย  Your only role at this point is a spot in the queue of supply, but only as a last resort option.ย  Once he or she starts the discard phase, theyโ€™ve already found new supply, and you are considered a loose end.ย  However, because you might still offer some type of benefit to the Narcissist, itโ€™s possible they will discard you and then come back around later in order to exploit you some more.ย  Just as often they will leave without a word.ย  It all depends on the individual Narcissist and their motives.ย  Iโ€™ve heard of themย coming back around after 2-3 years, weedling their way in to gain some type of financial advantage, and then immediately dumping their supply again.

New Supply ~ New Supply

This is a very painful experience for the person being discarded.ย  By thisโ€ฆ

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Daily update for my Boys 25 April 2014




Hello Little Men!

Hope you two muppets are having a great day and doing well…

I have been on the sofa the whole day , really flat and not feeling great today , I must say … I guess we have good days and not so good days , such is life …..

I have been looking at birthday cake ideas for you both today , it’s really hard to decide what to choose as I know you both will not get to see or enjoy it so I need to get a design that works well on a small scale as it might just be me and your empty chairs with picture frames that are going to blow out the candles …. Need to decide in the next day or so as I need to arrange it before I go …..

Like I told you last night it is bank holiday here again , no big plans the way I am feeling today …the Jenkings 5 are going to the house at the dam again and have asked if I want to come see them again , I have said not this weekend as I need to get my bag sorted and decide what all I need to pack for the upcoming trip , good thing is it will be nice and warm so no need for jumpers and coats …. Will be strange to be back in formal work stuff as it has been jeans and a jacket here most days ….lol , I will have to practice doing a tie this weekend …lol , might have to get some clip-ons like we use to wear to church and school when we were your age !

I have been thinking about you both loads today , and yeas I know it is PAS day and all but I have just really missed you both today , just needed to say hello today I think … Every time my Skype goes I think maybe one day it will be you muppets giving me a call …. I guess I can only hope ….

Well Champs I hope you will have lots of sunshine , plenty of playtime and truck loads full of fun this weekend …..

I shall see you both under our big old green tree in dreamland tonight …..looking forward to your double O bear dream cuddles and smiles ….

Night , night Little Men ……happy dreams of a great weekend …….

Love you both TTThhhhhhiiiiiiiiSSSS much and miss you lots and lots more ….

Love you , Champs ….always …

Dad xx