When People Don’t Understand The Mind Of A Narcissist

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It is very hard to stop expecting the narcissist to act like a normal human being. The victim invariably ends up astonished at the lies and vindictiveness of the N.
During the relationship he was cruel, a pathological liar, unfaithful, gas lighted, manipulated and raged, but he always came back begging for one last second chance. You knew deep down he really loved you and sooner or later he was going to realize it too. He was just damaged from some previous relationship, or his dysfunctional upbringing; you knew him better than anyone, you knew that sweet innocent little boy who just needs to be loved and nurtured was buried inside there somewhere. You saw him when you first met and glimpses of him ever since. He is just afraid to be vulnerable and the more in love with you he grows the more afraid he becomes. That’s why after…

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Into the mystery: on differentiation of alienation (and the power it puts in your hands)

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My last post appears to have stimulated a lot of debate not only on here but on other forums too.  I know that differentiation of alienation is a contentious subject for some, particulary parents who have been rejected wholesale and who no longer see their children. For practioners however, this is magic key that allows us to get closer to the knots and tangles that created the dynamic that caused rejection in the first place and it is the door through which we discover whether a child’s rejection is caused by something other than the divorce and separation process itself, or something altogether darker and more problematic.

There is so much to write about alienation and estrangement patterns in families that whilst I plough on towards the finishing line for the handbook, more and more information understanding and strategic thinking bubbles up.  Every time we work with a family we…

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Daily update for my Boys 24 April 2014






Hello Little Men!

How are you both doing today ? I hope oki doki !

Been a long day here have been out for most of the day , must admit I am dead on my feet …. Got loads done , so all good I think ….

Am trying to sort my last couple of bits and bobs here before I leave , feels a bit strange if I am honest , this has become home again , I have really enjoyed being here , spending time with friends and family that I have not seen for a very long time …..

The travel plans are not cast in stone so am not sure when I will be back home again or for how long ….. Back on the road it shall be for as long as I am able to manage it ……

The nice lady from the Court is going to try and see what she can arrange re the video link for the hearing on 28 May as the British Consulate said they do not do it any more …so typical , the Court wants a government approved provider , which logically would be the Consulate or Embassy but now they are not willing to do the HMC dirty work but are happy to be paid each month by the UK government ! It boggles the mind ……

I see Sheila Mcclure aka my very own internet troll is still following our blog by email , these people want to change your names and disappear but yet they will not let go of me and my every move ….amusing that ! You would have thought after 13 months they would be getting on with their lives like what I have done but this does not seem the case , or perhaps they don’t know they can read the blog on google without being on my mailing list ..lol , shows their intelligence as I have been saying all along , not the brightest or sharpest tools in the shed …lol

Well Champs I hope you both will have a great weekend , it’s bank holiday weekend now here again so happy days as they say ….

Looking forward to see you muppets later under our big old green tree in dreamland ….can’t wait for my dream cuddles and smiles …..

Night , night Little Men …..dream big ….always ….

Love you both around the world and back ….and miss you to the moon and back ….

Love you Champs …..always …

Dad xx

New Court order received this morning Little Men !

Now what I find amusing here is that by tone of the order the Court seems to think they are doing me a favour , instead missing the point that I am exercising my rights ….big surprise then , lol , these people must think we are all stupid and scared of them !

They have however still not responded to the N161 notice to remove the case from the current Judge so as normal selective response by the Judge once more !


Great article which describes the intricate and very specific, unique dynamics of parental alienation and why so many “professionals” miss it. This is just a snippet – see link to read entire article.

A great PAS article ….well worth a read …..


Great article which describes the intricate and very specific, unique dynamics of parental alienation and why so many “professionals” miss it. This is just a snippet – see link to read entire article.

  • “Most professionals believe that if a child has rejected a parent, the parent must have done something to warrant it. Few people would even think of another explanation: namely that the child had been programmed or brainwashed, just like what occurs in a cult or in the well-known Stockholm syndrome. But if one were to compare alienated children to foster children — specifically, children who had been removed from their parents due to actual abuse and neglect — the difference would be obvious.  Children who have truly been abused crave a relationship with their parents.  Paradoxically — and this is what makes it so counterintuitive — with few exceptions, abused children protect their abusive parents.  They do not…

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