Into the mystery: on differentiation of alienation (and the power it puts in your hands)

Thank you once again for a very informative post Karen πŸ™‚

Karen Woodall

My last post appears to have stimulated a lot of debate not only on here but on other forums too. Β I know that differentiation of alienation is a contentious subject for some, particulary parents who have been rejected wholesale and who no longer see their children. For practioners however, this is magic key that allows us to get closer to the knots and tangles that created the dynamic that caused rejection in the first place and it is the door through which we discover whether a child’s rejection is caused by something other than the divorce and separation process itself, or something altogether darker and more problematic.

There is so much to write about alienation and estrangement patterns in families that whilst I plough on towards the finishing line for the handbook, more and more information understanding and strategic thinking bubbles up. Β Every time we work with a family we…

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