Daily update for my Boys 25 April 2014




Hello Little Men!

Hope you two muppets are having a great day and doing well…

I have been on the sofa the whole day , really flat and not feeling great today , I must say … I guess we have good days and not so good days , such is life …..

I have been looking at birthday cake ideas for you both today , it’s really hard to decide what to choose as I know you both will not get to see or enjoy it so I need to get a design that works well on a small scale as it might just be me and your empty chairs with picture frames that are going to blow out the candles …. Need to decide in the next day or so as I need to arrange it before I go …..

Like I told you last night it is bank holiday here again , no big plans the way I am feeling today …the Jenkings 5 are going to the house at the dam again and have asked if I want to come see them again , I have said not this weekend as I need to get my bag sorted and decide what all I need to pack for the upcoming trip , good thing is it will be nice and warm so no need for jumpers and coats …. Will be strange to be back in formal work stuff as it has been jeans and a jacket here most days ….lol , I will have to practice doing a tie this weekend …lol , might have to get some clip-ons like we use to wear to church and school when we were your age !

I have been thinking about you both loads today , and yeas I know it is PAS day and all but I have just really missed you both today , just needed to say hello today I think … Every time my Skype goes I think maybe one day it will be you muppets giving me a call …. I guess I can only hope ….

Well Champs I hope you will have lots of sunshine , plenty of playtime and truck loads full of fun this weekend …..

I shall see you both under our big old green tree in dreamland tonight …..looking forward to your double O bear dream cuddles and smiles ….

Night , night Little Men ……happy dreams of a great weekend …….

Love you both TTThhhhhhiiiiiiiiSSSS much and miss you lots and lots more ….

Love you , Champs ….always …

Dad xx

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