Daily update for my Boys 26 April 2014





Good Afternoon Little Men!

I wonder how you both are doing today ? I hope very , very well…

It’s been a really nice day here today again a little cool but bright and sunny , I have been out this morning to collect all my shirts that have gone in for folding and pressing , so that’s done ready for part 1 of the next adventure …..

I am feeling a lot better today as yesterday , don’t know why my blood pressure is dropping so low at the moment , it was at a all time low last night , I was in bed at 8 pm already as I was exhausted …… It just does not seem to go above 100 on the high one anymore , maybe old age ! Lol don’t giggle you two, we all get old at some point …….

I need to sort all the files I need to pack and print tomorrow I think , thus looking forward to lots of paper cuts again …. πŸ™‚ or maybe I should go get some rubber gloves ….lol

O before I forget I see your solicitor has gone on maternity leave yesterday , nice of her to tell us that she is now going to be gone for a year but not telling any of us whom will be taking over your case , it just shows you as I have said all along she has no regard for you both , you are just another family that gives her loads of money from the UK government for NOT doing her job ! Don’t know who is worse her Rebecca Butterfield or Peter Morey from Cafcass Blackburn office ……

Well my little Champs I do hope you both are safe and well and having a nice weekend with lots of playtime and plenty of fun with B&B , maybe ….

I can’t wait to see you both later tonight again under our big old green tree in dream land …..looking forward to my Little O’s dream cuddles and smiles …..

Night , night Little Men ……sweet dreams of better safer days …..

Love you both truck loads full and miss you bigger trailers full….

Love you , Champs ….always …

Dad xx

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