RESIDENCE ORDERS- Dont go there!

Parental Alienation

After separation, parents need to decide where their child or children should live.
This information sheet provides general information about the law relating to residence orders and the factors the court considers when making a decision about which parent a child should live with. We acknowledge that grandparents, step-parents, same-sex co-parents or others may also want to be involved in caring for a child after separation. This can be more
complex and you should seek legal advice if this is your situation.

This is what the brochure say’s – in reality what happened to me could happen to you – please read on

My ex husband used the residence order to take over the marital home and delayed a financial settlement for over 8 years.I eventually received 30% settlement after 14 years of marriage.

Every time I tried to visit the marital home I was refused entry and physically and verbally…

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