Narcissistic Supply, Bad Faith, and Insurance Against Loneliness

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed


Ted is married to Marcy, but he’s wanted to break it off for a while.  He doesn’t believe they are compatible, so after several years of treating her unkindly, he moves out.

Though he doesn’t want her as a wife, he allows her to stay in the marital residence while he moves into a new apartment.  In less than a month, he’s moved in a new girlfriend.  However, the relationship doesn’t last and he has a series of short-term relationships with several women.  Whenever one of these relationships ends, he is so tortured by loneliness that he turns to Marcy until someone more suitable comes along.  All the while, he continues to give Marcy hints that they will eventually reconcile and he will move back into the family home.  Marcy’s reaction is to put her life on hold and remain in a state of perpetual readiness for him.

Ted is…

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