Daily update for my Boys 28 July 2014







Good evening Little Men!

I hope my Champs are doing well and that you both have had a nice start to your week πŸ™‚

I just got back from Dinner with Oom Brett and Tannie Sanet , lol ,Oom Brett has a proper elephants foot and two crutches , lol , I need to tell you the story about an elephants foot one day , Brett is really struggling to get around and is feeling extremely sorry for him self , if you boys know him you would get how funny this is as he is a proper tough guy but when he is sick he is the biggest baby , I remember when we were at university he had his wisdom teeth taken out and we all had a study group for our computer science exams and he would rock up each day with a full basket that his mum packed for him with soup and mashed food so that he did not hurt his gums , again if you knew him you would get the humour of this 21 year old huge gym fit guy rocking up with a cooler box packed by his mum with all the stuff he might need for the day πŸ™‚

Ouma and I went out today to try and sort her computer again , still the sound card issue but as she is not willing to leave it with the guys to send away to check it , to end the drama and going around in circles I bought her a new tablet today that she can use for Skype and then keep all her other stuff on her old computer , the 3G at home has been really poor the past week also so I have done the paper work for a fixed adsl line in the house , yes I know I will hardly ever be here to use it but as you boys know I like things done properly so I do hope this will sort the issues with the information super highway as the blog is taking 2 or 3 min now to load the pictures each night for you muppets which drives me up the wall.

Now I guess I need to get Ouma to try and use the new tablet as I have set it up on her wifi with a new viber , Skype etc. account so it’s not in conflict with her computer as Oupa wants to use the external mouse , long story but let’s just say the mouse drama was getting out of hand also , lol

I guess you muppets must have had Eid starting 2 days ago as Dubai started last night and Pakistan and South Africa today , so Eid Mubarak to all our friends from all over the world that are celebrating the holidays , I hope it is a blessed and peaceful time for you all and your families.

Well Champs , it’s feels like I am rambling as I do πŸ™‚ so it might be time for bed as tomorrow morning it’s me and the Iron Lady as my last batch of shirts have come back a disaster , no starch on the collars and the cuff-ling shirts were not folded and just pressed flat …not good , so have to go corner her early as they all need redoing before I can pack.

So as each and every night muppets I shall see you both shortly under our big old green tree in dreamland ….packing you both some nice properly pressed and starched big bear dream cuddles πŸ™‚

Night , night Little Men ….happy dreams of a endless supply of white shirts done properly as they should be ….lol

Love you both lots and lots and miss you both much bigger lots more ….

Love you Little Men …..always ….

Dad xx

‘Batman’ spotted hanging around city centre

New Fathers 4 Justice - Superhero Dads

'Batman' says his aim is to save people from misery by putting a smile on their faces.
β€˜Batman’ says his aim is to save people from misery by putting a smile on their faces. Photo: SWNS

A mysterious caped crusader who dresses as Batman has been spotted hanging from bus stops and landmarks around a city centre.

The unidentified β€œsuperhero” has become an internet sensation after suspending himself by his ankles in broad daylight in various Nottingham locations.

He claims his superpower is to make people laugh and says his aim is to save the world from impending misery by putting a smile on people’s faces.

Here he is hanging from a phone box in Nottingham's Market Square.
Here he is hanging from a phone box in Nottingham’s Market Square. Credit: SWNS

But although he lives near the real Gotham in Nottingham, the Batman impersonator is no Bruce Wayne.

All he will reveal is that he is a plasterer with a five-year-old son and is also a drummer in a band.

'Batman' surprises these people with his hanging antics.
β€˜Batman’ surprises these people with his hanging antics.

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Daily update for my Boys 27 July 2014







Good evening Little Men!

I hope my Champs are very , very fine on this lovely Sunday πŸ™‚

I just got home from a great day with the Jenkings 5 and also met some lovely new friends plus a little buddy called Ethan , he is around 16 months old and really lovely , when I got home now I saw my jacket and shirts is covered in little hand prints as he was digging the sand out of the flower pots and patting it into the puppies back and would not let me put him down , the bigger little ones and twins were playing on the trampoline so I ended up stand on the side holding him as he wanted to play with them , boys you should have heard the giggles and screams of joy as he stood bouncing on the side while I held him , at one point his mum wanted to put his jumper on but he was not having it as he wanted to sit with me πŸ™‚ , I drove back home really sad knowing I guess I will never get to jump or play on a trampoline with you both or hear you giggle and get so excited whiles playing …… I guess that’s been the surrogate and Steve’s plan all along from that Sunday on 7 April last year when he told me that I would never see you both again , I guess the horrible old drunk got his way due to his sociopath control he has over the surrogate as she is too lazy to work and provide for you and stand up against that luckily almost dead old child abuser.

I have a week left here now as I told you guys , I am having dinner with Brett and Sanet tomorrow night and Q also wants us to try and meet up before I go as I am not sure when I will be back, also have a fair bit of work stuff to resolve before moving onto the new projects.

I was shocked today at how much the twins had grown in the couple of weeks since I saw them last , Liam got some very new cool crocks that he took great pleasure in showing and telling me about the pictures on them, Mackena seems to be into Thumberlina ( not sure of the spelling) lol big time , I think she watched the DVD 3 times today …I got the biggest bear cuddles from them all when I left and questions on where I am going and why I would not be back for so long , I am not sure they get the concept of 2 or 3 months but they seem to be aware it’s a long time , that made me think what you both must be thinking as it’s 8 months now since I last have been allowed to see you both or speak with you which I guess is a 3rd of your short little lives ….breaks my heart Champs ……

I hope you muppets will have a great week filled with loads of learning , plenty of giggles and that you both are safe in the hands of the child abusers .

I will see you both a little later then under our big old green tree in dreamland …. Think I might need some extra special dream bear cuddles tonight …..

Night , night Little Men …… Happy dreams of being free one day soon from the daily abuse you are forced to suffer….

Love you both big boats full and miss you all the water in the ocean much ….

Love you Champs ….always ….

Dad xx

My story by Rosy Stanesby. – Tyzack kept my Dad from me

I guess this will be our story also in a couple of years Little Men !

New Fathers 4 Justice - Superhero Dads


My story by Rosy Stanesby.

Tyzack kept my Dad from me

My parents separated when I was two years old and for nine years, my mum, encouraged by the family courts, tried to stop me seeing my Dad.
I would stay with him for four days a month and was eventually allowed 10 minutes on a Wednesday evening to talk to him over the phone. Yet my Dad had to go to court and fight to achieve this. Why should my Dad have to fight to be able to speak to his daughter?
I never understood why I could not be with him. I used to think that I was the problem, I had caused this hell upon my family and I would cry myself to sleep at night, missing my Dad, confused and lonely. I had no one to talk to as I was cruelly taught by the…

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Daily update for my Boys 26 July 2014








Good afternoon Little Men!

How are my muppets doing today ? I hope you are oki doki πŸ™‚

I just got home Ouma and I have been out since 9am , we had a really nice day , but I must say this morning when I woke up you knew that August is here as the wind was very , very strong , we call it the August winds because this time of the year we get the worst heavy dragging winds during the day , the positive thing is it is normally the sign that Spring is here , so happy days.

I had a great night with Johan and Amanda last night , was great catching up and all the stories of the good old days , Johan is adamant that I must come stay with them on the farm in Cape Town when I am down there again for a couple of days, the farm is around 50 miles from the Airport and looking at the photos last night they have done a great job turning it into a lodge type guesthouse , thus I will have to see how I can arrange things ,

I am now luckily not having to go to Cape Town on Monday as we have had a change of travel plans from HQ , so it seems next week will be my last lazy easy working week for a while again , I think I need a easy one before I leave as I am still not sure who’s chest is the worst mine or Ouma’s.

As I told you last night I am going to the Jenkings 5 for a braai late tomorrow morning , think I might OD on red meat being back home so much, but am loving it , as I said to Ouma today, it’s all good I guess as I am down to a size 32 jeans now and even them being skinny she says are a little big πŸ™‚

I really hope you muppets are having a great weekend and get to do all the little things you wish …. Might be the last couple of nice weekends you two will have in the UK before it really starts cooling down I guess.

Well Champs on that note , I have to run as I think I might go take in a movie at the mall thus I shall see you both as always under our big old green tree in dreamland ….can’t wait for my double O bear dream cuddles and smiles πŸ™‚

Night , night Little Man ….great dream of your fantastic Summer just gone …

Love you both around the world and back and miss you to the moon and back a billion trillion times.

Love you Champs …..always …

Dad xx

Being a Child of Narcissists – what we need to give to ourselves

An Upturned Soul

This post is written by MM.

It is a comment which was made recently on my post – Being a Child of Narcissists – Breaking the Silence – and when I read it, I found it to be so inspiring, the thought and feeling expressed to be so powerful, that I asked MM if I could share it as a post of its own.

Since I wrote and publicly published my post on this blog, it has received 10,925 views.

I do not know what all of those who have viewed it thought of it or felt about it, whether they just clicked on a link in their search results then clicked away again or whether they stayed to read the post, whether it was what they were looking for or not, whether they liked it, hated it or were indifferent to it, however what those stats do tell me…

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Daily update for my Boys 25 July 2014









Good afternoon Little Men !

I hope my Champs are very , very fine today …

Just want to say a quick hello as I have some friends here for a braai , so I can’t stay long.

I spoke to Jeremy Rawkins PA in Preston today as Lancaster Court is playing stupid as normal , Louise confirmed Jeremy was on holiday today and Lancaster Court has not sent the new files for directions to him as what Paul told me last week. So I guess they have not done anything as normal but Preston confirmed they will take the matter up with Jeremy on Monday when he is back in office and provide Helen the required directions. All I can say is you can see Ann is on holiday….

Tomorrow Ouma and I are going on a day trip , should be fun as we have not been out for a while together , Sunday I am with the Jenkings 5 and Monday Brett and I have been able to agree a date for dinner with him and Sanet before I leave as I might be gone for more than 2 months now , least I will be close to you both which is good news I think.

I just want to wish you both a happy ,fun , safe and full of little O giggles weekend.

I guess then I shall see you both a little later under the big old green tree in dreamland ….packing you some nice double dream bear cuddles ..:-)

Night , night Champs ….happy dreams of better days soon.

Love you both thissssssssssss much and miss you a trillion times more ..

Love you Little Men…..always ….

Dad xx