Daily update for my Boys 28 July 2014







Good evening Little Men!

I hope my Champs are doing well and that you both have had a nice start to your week 🙂

I just got back from Dinner with Oom Brett and Tannie Sanet , lol ,Oom Brett has a proper elephants foot and two crutches , lol , I need to tell you the story about an elephants foot one day , Brett is really struggling to get around and is feeling extremely sorry for him self , if you boys know him you would get how funny this is as he is a proper tough guy but when he is sick he is the biggest baby , I remember when we were at university he had his wisdom teeth taken out and we all had a study group for our computer science exams and he would rock up each day with a full basket that his mum packed for him with soup and mashed food so that he did not hurt his gums , again if you knew him you would get the humour of this 21 year old huge gym fit guy rocking up with a cooler box packed by his mum with all the stuff he might need for the day 🙂

Ouma and I went out today to try and sort her computer again , still the sound card issue but as she is not willing to leave it with the guys to send away to check it , to end the drama and going around in circles I bought her a new tablet today that she can use for Skype and then keep all her other stuff on her old computer , the 3G at home has been really poor the past week also so I have done the paper work for a fixed adsl line in the house , yes I know I will hardly ever be here to use it but as you boys know I like things done properly so I do hope this will sort the issues with the information super highway as the blog is taking 2 or 3 min now to load the pictures each night for you muppets which drives me up the wall.

Now I guess I need to get Ouma to try and use the new tablet as I have set it up on her wifi with a new viber , Skype etc. account so it’s not in conflict with her computer as Oupa wants to use the external mouse , long story but let’s just say the mouse drama was getting out of hand also , lol

I guess you muppets must have had Eid starting 2 days ago as Dubai started last night and Pakistan and South Africa today , so Eid Mubarak to all our friends from all over the world that are celebrating the holidays , I hope it is a blessed and peaceful time for you all and your families.

Well Champs , it’s feels like I am rambling as I do 🙂 so it might be time for bed as tomorrow morning it’s me and the Iron Lady as my last batch of shirts have come back a disaster , no starch on the collars and the cuff-ling shirts were not folded and just pressed flat …not good , so have to go corner her early as they all need redoing before I can pack.

So as each and every night muppets I shall see you both shortly under our big old green tree in dreamland ….packing you both some nice properly pressed and starched big bear dream cuddles 🙂

Night , night Little Men ….happy dreams of a endless supply of white shirts done properly as they should be ….lol

Love you both lots and lots and miss you both much bigger lots more ….

Love you Little Men …..always ….

Dad xx

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