My “What If” Life



Any person who has lost a close family member or had a traumatic life changing experience in their lives have had to struggle with the “What If” scenario. And in the light of recent events this “What If” sequence has again raised its head in my life.

Having lost my Dad and his brother in a terrible car accident at the age of 5 months old, I grew up with the thought in my head, “What If my Dad hadn’t died? How different would my life have been if he hadn’t gotten into that car?” And it was a notion that followed me as I got older, especially as the relationship between my ex step father deteriorated and my relationship with my mother was rocky at the best of times. “Would I still be in this situation if my Dad was still alive?”

I spent a lot of time through out…

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RIP my friend!



“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.
From an Irish headstone”
Richard Puz, The Carolinian    

To our beautiful friend, in the stark morning light I am still struggling with the reality that you are truly gone. Last night we heard the terrible news that you had passed away in a car accident. It is the first time in a long time that I cried myself to sleep.

As I tried to come to terms with the fact that we would never hear your laugh or listen to your diving stories, it dawned upon me that you had spent your last few years living your dream. And that reminded me of all our adventures in the desert and how you were the life of the party!

And while our pain may be to hard to express I hate to think…

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PM wants me out, says family rights campaigner

New Fathers 4 Justice - Superhero Dads

A father campaigning in Witney for better family rights has said that the Prime Minister wants him out of the town as he is “frustrating constituents”.

Chris Tompson met with David Cameron in Witney earlier this month Chris Tompson met with David Cameron in Witney earlier this month

Chris Tompson has been in Witney since last month, and has parked his car outside David Cameron’s constituency office in Witney High Street.

Mr Cameron spoke to him on July 11 to discuss Chris’ concerns about family law, and also expressed concerns about the impact of his protest.

“He said he needs to have me gone, because I was frustrating the constituents” said Chris.

“But what I told him was it was me going round to the constituents and asking them to complain so the Prime Minister would deal with me.”

Natasha Whitmill, press officer at David Cameron’s constituency office, said: “Mr Cameron said if Mr Tompson wrote down his grievances it would…

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The lives of others: Psycho-Genealogy and Parental Alienation

Karen Woodall:

This week we have been travelling and training as well as broadcasting to the world.  In St Helier,  the Jersey Centre for Separated Families was hosting a training day for a fantastic new group of volunteers.   On a baking hot day, we worked with another amazing group of people, developing more support to parents on the island who are experiencing separation and the problems that it brings to adults and children alike.

On Sunday evening, from our hotel bedroom, to an audience drawn from across the globe, we discussed alienation and the role of domestic violence on a webinar for Parental Alienation Awareness Organisation (PAAO). Throughout all of our work this week we have been meeting families and people who care about them.

Families and the people who live in them are the whole of what we do when we work with family separation and the problems that arise…

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Daily update for my Boys 29 July 2014








Good evening Little Men!

I hope my Champs are nice and snuggled today as it has gone freezing here today since this morning 😦

It’s been a bit of a lazy day if I am honest , around 3 hours with the phone company on the line and yes still no adsl line working , lol , I guess I will try tomorrow again or see if they can send a tech out to check because as normal they said no issue , we switch your landline to adsl then you plug the box in and it works …well seems not as simple as that or maybe I am just thick , lol , least it might be sorted before I go as they said 21 days yesterday when I did the application thus the sales team is on the ball and back of house not so much but hey it’s Africa , things take a little longer sometimes 🙂

I went to do all my shopping for my trip this morning also , now I must say I have not bought Gillette razor blades in a year and a half as I had those box sets from Boots with like 10 blades I think , still have one left so thought I better get some spare , I paid around 20 quid for 4 blades ! Madness I say , lol , as the full sets use to be like 20 quid in the UK with loads of blades , so Champs by the time you muppets start shaving the surrogate might have to find a job to buy you blades as her benefits I am pretty sure is not going to cut it to keep two dashing young men’s faces baby smooth….for the ladies ..

The Jenkings 5 wants me to come for dinner on Thursday night again , It would be lovely to see the twins and big sister before I go but not sure I am going to get out as this cold outside makes me just want to sit on the sofa with a duvet…. And I know the next period is going to be a little crazy with work stuff and I need to get some planning done and also try and see Ouma and Oupa before I go as I am not sure when I will be back and thus not sure when I will see them again.

I see your Cousin , Catherine McClure , who tried to have a go on twitter last week had now backed off in the normal McClure cowardly fashion , as they say the apple never falls far from the tree with these people , just still breaks my heart that you are being kept hostage and forced to grow up with these horrible people , at least all your adult years in therapy they will not be able to blame me for as they will be 100% accountable for the permanent damage they are causing you both now daily.

Well muppets I think you are still having some nice sunny days so I hope the hostage negotiators and blackmailing child abusers are allowing you some fun outside playtime and not just stuck in the local bar getting hammered with the surrogate each day ! Not what little men should be doing that’s for sure ….

I will see you a little later then tonight under our big old green tree in dreamland , please pack some extra warm dream bear cuddles for me please …..

Night , night Champs ….happy dreams of child abuse free days soon …..

Love you both ttttthhhiiiissssss much and miss you both so , so much more ….

Love you Little Men …..always …..

Dad xx

I’m Not Worthy


After having lunch with a friend and a very long discussion about or divorces I came to the realization, much to my dismay, that I married my dad.

I have heard that we always tend to marry our parents, obviously not literally, but figuratively, without even realizing it. Although maybe some places in the south…. anyway, the more we talked the more I realized just how similar they were. There are definitely differences between the two, such as my ex having gone to college and working a professional job earning a decent paycheck. My dad did not go to college and was a truck driver. My ex was very involved with our kids up until our separation, my dad never was. He was the typical 70’s dad, go to work, come home, eat dinner, plop in front of the t.v. for a baseball or football game and then I would…

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