Daily update for my Boys 29 July 2014








Good evening Little Men!

I hope my Champs are nice and snuggled today as it has gone freezing here today since this morning 😦

It’s been a bit of a lazy day if I am honest , around 3 hours with the phone company on the line and yes still no adsl line working , lol , I guess I will try tomorrow again or see if they can send a tech out to check because as normal they said no issue , we switch your landline to adsl then you plug the box in and it works …well seems not as simple as that or maybe I am just thick , lol , least it might be sorted before I go as they said 21 days yesterday when I did the application thus the sales team is on the ball and back of house not so much but hey it’s Africa , things take a little longer sometimes 🙂

I went to do all my shopping for my trip this morning also , now I must say I have not bought Gillette razor blades in a year and a half as I had those box sets from Boots with like 10 blades I think , still have one left so thought I better get some spare , I paid around 20 quid for 4 blades ! Madness I say , lol , as the full sets use to be like 20 quid in the UK with loads of blades , so Champs by the time you muppets start shaving the surrogate might have to find a job to buy you blades as her benefits I am pretty sure is not going to cut it to keep two dashing young men’s faces baby smooth….for the ladies ..

The Jenkings 5 wants me to come for dinner on Thursday night again , It would be lovely to see the twins and big sister before I go but not sure I am going to get out as this cold outside makes me just want to sit on the sofa with a duvet…. And I know the next period is going to be a little crazy with work stuff and I need to get some planning done and also try and see Ouma and Oupa before I go as I am not sure when I will be back and thus not sure when I will see them again.

I see your Cousin , Catherine McClure , who tried to have a go on twitter last week had now backed off in the normal McClure cowardly fashion , as they say the apple never falls far from the tree with these people , just still breaks my heart that you are being kept hostage and forced to grow up with these horrible people , at least all your adult years in therapy they will not be able to blame me for as they will be 100% accountable for the permanent damage they are causing you both now daily.

Well muppets I think you are still having some nice sunny days so I hope the hostage negotiators and blackmailing child abusers are allowing you some fun outside playtime and not just stuck in the local bar getting hammered with the surrogate each day ! Not what little men should be doing that’s for sure ….

I will see you a little later then tonight under our big old green tree in dreamland , please pack some extra warm dream bear cuddles for me please …..

Night , night Champs ….happy dreams of child abuse free days soon …..

Love you both ttttthhhiiiissssss much and miss you both so , so much more ….

Love you Little Men …..always …..

Dad xx

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