Motherless Day: Mother’s Day Without My Children

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Family Court Injustice

This is what it is like to be alienated from your children on Mother’s Day due to an abusive ex, and an unjust family court order… 

The last time I saw my children, they said to me, “Dad is thinkin’ about letting us visit on Mother’s Day… we might get to see you.”

My son was hinting about a gift he for me, I told him an extra big hug was I wanted most. My son is getting so big that when he hugs me tight, I can barely breathe! My daughter was excited to spend the day together, but hesitant to say much in fear that the visit would not happen.

I don’t know how long my kids were teased with the half-promise, “Spending Mother’s Day with Mom…” It had to be a minimum of 2 weeks.

Two weeks of remembering special memories. The time my children gave me purple flowers for Mother’s…

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