Daily update for my Boys 10 May 2014






Hello Little Men!

I hope my muppets are having a great Saturday and keeping well…

I had a good day , got lots done , looking forward to chilling tomorrow a bit , only have some email stuff and a couple of Skype call to do …then some me time , I think … Need to say hello to Ouma also for Mother’s Day….

I need to go get my hair cut it feels like a 1960 come-over on my ever growing bold spot …don’t giggle you two , who knows you both might also have less hair than what you would like one day , I use to have loads until I think 5 years ago and then it was stable for a while but seems to have gone really bad the past six months ……..

O before I forget , I have to explain the wine glass holder picture , I hear they are all the range with the alcoholics at Hotel Aqua for the start of the 2014 Summer holiday season…. I hear some of the rooms have asked for them to be installed all over the place ……

I am told the paid surrogate also still continues to use OUR family name …really would have thought by know she would have sorted herself with a new alias seeing that she is trying to change yours !

I am get loads of spam on your blog the past 2 nights ,not sure what that is all about but at least it seems that the spam filter is blocking it ….

So Champs I wish you both a happy fun Sunday ……hope you are having a proper roast dinner……

I will see you monkeys later then under our big old green tree in dreamland as always …..for a good round of dream bear cuddles and giggles ….maybe even some monkey business ….lol πŸ™‚

Night , night Little Men …..dream big of safer better normal days ……..

Love you tons and bigger than tons and miss you mega bigger than tons more ……

Love you Champs …..always ….

Dad xx

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