Daily update for my Boys 3 April 2014





Good Afternoon Little Men…

How are my Champs today ? I hope fantastic …..

It feels like it has been an extremely long day , I think it might be because I kept waking up last night , I had to close my window at bed time as it started raining really hard again and as you might know , I do not like sleeping with the window shut , thus the restless night I think… And yet today is a lovely bright sunny day here , a little cool but still very nice …..

I have been out to town for some shopping and to go pay the bills , my own fault I guess I should have set these up for internet payments …maybe next month , lol ….

Been doing lots of reading today also on PAS and the impact it will have on you both as you grow up ….also realised it’s been 4 months now since I have seen you two muppets last ….that’s the longest it’s been in the past year …made me really sad , but seems that is how things will be from now on ….I think I know in my heart that you both have long forgotten about me as I have only seen you 10 hours in the past year , and I don’t remember anything much before the age of 5 ,so can only take it that you both will be the same and I am sure you have had so much change around you in the past year that I have not been a part off …….

Some days I think to myself that I am a total nutter for writing this blog but then again it gives me a couple of minutes each day that it feels like we are in fact spending some time together even if the conversation is one way traffic or a monologue as they say …..let’s hope you both understand all of this one day when the time comes …….

The weekend is here again tomorrow also , I have the Big birthday on Saturday and looks like I will have some work stuff to sort on Sunday if all goes to plan…..

So Champs I hope you both will have a great Friday …lots of learning and plenty of giggles …….

I will see you both a little later then under our big old green tree in dream land , I think I need massive dream bear cuddles and smiles tonight ….

Night , night Muppets ….happy dreams of better days ….

I love you both This much ; ( see picture , lol) — Dad xx



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